5 thoughts on “Lesson Fifteen-Judges

    1. Tammy, I am just overwhelmed with how these lessons just seem to be taken from our nightly news. It’s like we want to deny but its not new. its just seems to be ongoing. We sure can’t write the book of Judges off as a thing of the past.

      I have listened, read, heard and prayed. I just need to do more.

  1. Interesting to me that Succoth and Peniel were both Israelite cities and Gideon who was the judge who was to deliver Israel from the Midianites, both cities refused to give these warriors bread and supplies. Gee whiz, they were on the same team – team Israel. They weren’t carrying on the battle as were the warriors and they would not even give food or supplies but the warriors were to carry on in behalf of these people. The warriors were on empty. Wonder if the vets feel the same way at times today

  2. It is really profound how Pastor Reggie explains the historical connections of a key person like Jacob to the cities of Succoth where he lived for awhile and Peniel where he wrestled with the Angel of the Lord and his name was changed to Israel. I wonder if some of the 77 Succoth elders killed by Gideon or the men killed by him at Peniel may have been related to Jacob? Lots of character changes I think in this lesson…most seem for the worst.

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