Happy Thanksgiving! What are you extremely thankful for this Thanksgiving, 2018?

My list is very lengthy as I imagine yours is as well. I decided to break my ‘Thanks’ down into an action, kindness.

2018 has been an abundance of goodness for me and my family and friends.

I’m pausing in my action wrap to focus on ‘kindness.’(Dictionary “kind behavior: I will never forget your kindness.”) One of my focal points in my Spiritual journey has been found in 2 Peter 1:7 KJV. “And,…add to godliness brotherly kindness; and add to brotherly kindness charity.”

This action, kindness, is conveyed throughout the Word of God. As I focus on godliness I must use my thoughts to add kindness before I leap into charity.

Therefore, in giving thanks in 2018, I am thankful for those who speak truth. I am thankful for those who find no comfort (including me) in using the mind to darken my vision by trying to circumvent truth with Words that are given to deceive. Pride and Arrogrance are twins from the heart that finds their way to the tongue so often.

This Thanksgiving I give Thanks for those that care enough not to rattle off sentences set to deceive. Kindness! Read about kindness in the Book of Life, God’s Word, Bible, as it spreads it’s wings like a Dove through the pages and births it’s young in hearts of gold! I give Thanks!

17 thoughts on “My Thanks-KINDNESS

  1. This year I’d like to focus my thankfulness on the beauty God has shone me that has touched me deeply.

    One is the beauty of the response children have to God inspired teaching and prayer. They now offer up prayers to God to care for others who are ill, suffering, and have a need of help from God.

    Another is the beauty God has shown to me of the sharing of my gift of painting to encourage others. Also the beauty of encouragement to others through words that have been a spark for others not to give up hope but to look up to their true hope in Jesus Christ.

    Another is the beauty of gardening that God has given me which brings beauty to those to enjoy as they pass my home.

    Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🙏

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Rena! Lovely basket of praise you have woven together to give honor to God the creator of all things!
      “For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.” Colossians 1:16

      1. Rena, your gardening for passer Byers remind me of a sweet memory of my brother Chet. For many years while living @OBX the ocean was his front view and a bicycle trail his back. He kept both hiis front and back gardens beautiful. Yet, his heart and hands often went to the back as he wanted bicyclers to have a perfect view. He was an avid rider himself so he knew the value of beauty on his nature ride. God truly speaks though nature. Romans 1

  2. This am reading our comments and thinking on ‘Kindness’ once again. 🙏🏻 Rena and Chet sure gave, showed and shared kindness in one of its purest forms. Using resources of time, finances and labor to spread the gospel truth in God’s nature is pretty awesome in my kindness column. I know in Chet’s garden he wanted the very best garden for others and he couldn’t even see it from his views. On his dying bed he wanted me to walk in the back and make sure it showed visitors to the OBX that beauty existed in the day he left us for a greater window view. Awesome how Kindness is full of power! ♥️

    1. Sara the kindness of planting so many flowers for others was inspired by Chet. My home had little landscaping when I moved in and I remembered how Chet planted flowers just for those passing by. I got to work and planted for people in front of my home and in back as there is a walking trail. A friend here in Alabama who I helped in her garden gave be many indigenous plants from this area for my garden beds and another showed me plants that might work with those. Acts of kindness is catchy!

  3. If I listed everything I was thankful for, there would not be enough time to write it all down. I can; however, say that I am thankful I live where I have the freedom to go to church, sing praises to God, hear God’s Word spoken, and I am thankful I have the privilege of posting a few comments here on the dailylily that hopefully encourage people to seek God and His Word. ✝️

    1. Tammy, I am so in agreement with your list of Thanks. What a blessing to have this freedom. I would like to add how blessed we are to be able to place Christians symbols in our yards.

  4. I am thankful for the Daily Lily. It is a daily rock to come to each day; a source of stability. I appreciate Sara’s inspirational writings that always seem so ‘on time’; more recently, the lessons by Pastor Reggie on Judges; and those, like Rena and Tammy above, that write and share their thoughts which encourage.

    I have been helped in 2018 in so many ways by the gift of words that the Lord gives Sara and am deeply thankful.

    And I am thankful for the ‘hands on’ abilities that the Lord gives me and the daily help tasks that make each day meaningful and brighter.

    1. Thank You Debi for acknowledging the God given ‘wordsmith’ gift within me. And, to others as well as yourself that contribute and give so generously of their gifts all year to keep a flame glowing on this site. We give Thanks.

      We are blessed to stop by this site 24/7 @our individual convenience to find a hearing ear, seeing eye and helping hands 🙏🏻 that just might be the right fit for the moment’s need. Matthew 18:19 “… I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. 20) For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.”

      Do you think God’s anscient wisdom includes Apple iPhone gatherings. How did He know? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    2. Debi I’m so grateful too that we live in a country where we can share the Word of God and tell of how God has worked through our lives to draw us into a closer relationship with Him. Thus we give testimony to His love, His Mercy, His Kindness, His goodness.
      We thank God that he designated His chosen people to pen His Words in the form of a Bible which He is continuous revealing new meaning as we study and receive new revelation. We thank Sara for establishing this site which teaches more perspectives on each of her studies of the Word and putting it into action, plus keeping us on track with His Word. Also like you I thank God for Pastor Reggie for study of Judges as you mentioned. Already wondering what book he’ll cover next. What acts kindness each one have given from generations past to the day we live in.

      Debi I have certainly enjoyed your instruction in floral design, caring and planting plants and working beside you experiencing the driven work ethic to get just the right, right floral design and landscaping which you teach, show, and role model for others. Again as mentioned above kindness is catchy. You show many which no one can count over the years how to reach out in kindness to others by working the land placing flowers and plants everywhere for everyone to see inside and outside. Thank you
      For blessing me for your instruction and gifts for the years.

  5. I am greatly thankful for you’ll that disciplined your time in 2018 to tackle Two ongoing study series within this site. First book, first of year we managed to study the Beautitues, by a different writer, Wuellner, and from a different prospective than some of us were we accustomed to. We are blessed to have a record here of our studies and thoughts we shared throughout our learning process. We can go back and review and see if we have grown in those thoughts. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    We took a summer break and then op appeared for us to start a taped series from The Book of Judges, Reggie Webb. Another book most of us might not have thought we want to study so diligently. It’s been great and we are still in this study.

    *I want to admit weekly committed studies are not the easiest task for me. Distractions that give flesh pleasure often try to compete for time. Ugggg what ugliness in my thought. It’s not 7pm, dress, drive and report to class. It’s my leisure within the 24 hr to wear PJ’s, cup of coffee and have a bad hair day. Oops TV and pizza caught my eye and taste. A bag of popcorn 🍿 sure hit the spot. Yet, when I needed comfort, help in decision making, this, that and the other all I got was stress of gaining a pound of flesh that didn’t have the power to meet the need. “What is God’s help? It is spiritual refreshment through His presence. It is God enabling us to avoid foot slipping.” Psalm 121

    *Note: I have been a little tongue in cheek. My watching 🏈🍿 is not an issue. It’s my attitude with no gratitude!

  6. “Do you think God’s anscient wisdom includes Apple iPhone gatherings. How did He know?”

    I think God’s wisdom does include because He holds and develops the future. As Creator, He gives creativity and gifts to man. “Apple iPhone gatherings” reminds me of Proverbs 25:11: “A word fitly spoken Is like apples of gold in network of silver.”

    Even the Apple icon with its bite out of the apple suggests to me the importance of words and their use or misuse…dating back to the tree in the garden of Eden. I think God knew.

      1. I agree Debi with the interest of our new format on the lily. Seems that sharpened pencil with lime green gives a spark for my creative writing. I seem to remember singing, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going…that’s how it is with God’s love when we pass it on…” this site gives out sparks as each writer gives their love by sharing their truth. ❤️🕯🔥❤️

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