8 thoughts on “Judges-Lesson Lesson 18

    1. Tammy, that was a take-away that I got from the lesson as well. Pastor Reggie said that Abimelech was “belligerant, defiant and arrogant”. And that he remained that to the end because he was conscious long enough from the millstone the woman dropped on his head to ask his armor bearer to run a sword through and kill him so no one would know he was killed by a woman.
      Pastor Reggie pointed out that idea didn’t work because everyone knows he was killed by a woman….he said “we are reading it tonight!”

      1. Abimelech, his birth, his life, his death seems only a mess.

        When I hear about Abimelech as told by Reggie and then turn my radio on to this day’s news I’m not sure I would know the difference between this lousy man king leader and a few mentioned today. If Tammy and Debi be right about pride I guess PRIDE is ageless. Or, maybe I should say old as Methuselah!

  1. I agree with the PRIDE and arrogance issues mentioned above.

    What I thought interesting was Abimelech thought “ I have experience with burning down strong holds and I know just what to do so he decided he would duplicate.”
    Just this sentence said to me when we as prayer warriors pray do we listen to God on how to pray/walk in or do we recitalistly use what we know from our experience how to pray/or walk in? Is there self taking over or is it taking time with God to hear from Him in the matter?

    With Abimelech we know it was ALL SELF interest and he did it his way. How about us?

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