Peeks with a wink in windows everywhere🌏 Hope the peek-wink is welcome with joy for the New Year, 2019, in homes and hearts around the globe! 

I had the opportunity of sharing in a listening group by Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson of St Monica Catholic Community, California. He surely peaked-peeked my interest by asking a question that he had been asked recently, “What is it like to really be you right now.”

He had been asked, “what is it really like to be you right now?” He was able to answer so thoughtfully from his inner being. He first recognized that he was being a Pastor from the age of now being 79 which rode into his life with a few new energy limitations. He felt more freer to be himself than ever before, more peaceful and grateful to have a reservoir of Grace to draw from among other interesting thoughts of knowing himself.

Monsignor was so interesting in sharing living in his now moment. He surely shepherded the heart of each listener into Hope, slow down, communicate, listen, share. The moral of his sharing from my peak-peek was taking time and heart to have meaningful conversations with others regardless of who they are or where you find others. Learn from one another.

I want to start now my asking you, yes you, “what’s it like to be you right now”?

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  1. I recall another challenge Msgr. Torgenson challenges our faith to. Find at least 2 others often that are alone or have a need that you can add to your table of meaningful communication and maybe also share a meal with around your family table. This was within the same round table talk as sharing, “what’s it like to be you right now.” Someway I saw this challenge as a perfectly clean mirror of the answer to the question, “what’s it like to be me right now?”

    I found two, both deep spiritual Christians. Both lived their lives in service to the Lord. I don’t believe they even know each other. They live far apart. One a lady in nursing home, age 87, one a man in his home, age 91. Their stories so much the same. Both suffering with advanced dementia. Both know it’s likely ALZHEIMER’S. The feelings, emotions, and struggles seem much the same as they shared.💔

    I saw in part of what it is like to be me. I’m good at wisdom and thinking because of my age and opportunities. I have many digital products at my finger tips with abilities to use them pretty good. I’m like the Priest I’m a little slower in many ways that it takes longer to vacuum my floors etc. But, I’m still able to do it.

    What could I share with these two precious children of God. The first one was the lady and I had to talk my mind out of wanting to say something foolish to find the wisdom within that I know is there from much study of God’s Word. The real me of the now moment came and yes, I had to use my “I” devices to quote the scripture.. what I hope to prove to be my part of meaningful conversation went something like this…. I am holding you, Name, close in ♥️ with the words of one of the prophets that predicted the Birth of Christ.

    Isaiah 46:4 “And I will still be carrying you when you are old. Your hair will turn gray, and I will still carry you. I made you, and I will carry you to safety.”

    I pray, name, for your strength and wisdom as you walk this journey until you are fully whole. ♥️ And, I will be hands on to help where I can and you allow.

    A day later I had opportunity to repeat the same words to the man of God that is suffering with Alzheimer’s age 91. As the Msgr said share HOPE! ♥️

    I’m thinking of Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Give Hope, share love and when I did I found peekin’ in my window soul just what it’s really like to me right now.

  2. Encouraging account of the 79 yr old Msgr. above sharing how he knows himself. It looks like the fruits of the Spirit have ripened for serving in his life.
    And your stories, Sara, of meeting the challenge of Msgr. by providing your gifted wisdom words to touch two lives was very beautiful; and how you wove the challenges and lives and words together to make a picture tapestry of “just what it’s really like to me right now.”.

  3. “what’s it like to be you right now”?

    From my mirror angle, what I can see right now is that I am hands-on, not words-on. Helping to do something with my hands for another, and my heart and prayers for that person will be with my hands’ work. I am grateful that my hands and feet are still able and happy to be of help by enabling me to gather, to go, to do as a part of The Daily Lily. I can connect a bow, or a plant to a soil, or a flower to an arrangement much better and with more joy than I can connect a story or meaningful words for someone. “Meaningful communication” seems to be a struggle, but hopefully with perseverance and practice it will improve.

    Reading Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson’s words, “…He felt more freer to be himself than ever before, more peaceful and grateful to have a reservoir of Grace to draw from”, from my perspective was encouraging and something to aspire to.

    1. Debi, maybe it’s not words you need to practice but listening. Look what Ps 19 tells us, unless you repress it you can hear the stars singing above their maker. Just maybe a plant, flower or bow speaks louder than your words.

      Psalm 19….”The heavens declare the glory of God;
      the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
      2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
      night after night they reveal knowledge.
      3 They have no speech, they use no words;
      no sound is heard from them.
      4 Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,
      their words to the ends of the world…”

  4. Rena Oynes writes:
    What it is to be me….
    I love teaching children and I am very animated in working with them whether inside or outside of a church setting.

    I have a love for teaching the Word of God and giving the children examples from my life and others to bring the story alive. Thus showing them the story is not a simple story.

    I have a zeal to get children to pray. When children tell me prayer isn’t important I’m so focused that the children know not to say prayer is not important.

    I am an encourager to adults and children pointing them to the hope they have in God. I tell them God has a unique purpose just for them.

    I love to paint, paint, paint, sew a little bit, and grow flowers.
    In painting I love to hear how God has lite up people’s lives through a touch of caring for the broken, for those who think no one cares, for encouraging moments, and celebration moments all given to me by His assignments to Sara by God using her gifting to touch others in all situations to know God loves them and He cares for them.
    I also sew a little for the same reason.
    I love gardening and have been taught much by Debi and Sara’s brother Chet. When planting my flowers, I want people to see beauty, God’s beauty displayed for the people who pass by. Rena Oynes

  5. “What is it like to be me?”
    I love to cook food that people eat and enjoy! I like to use humor, encouraging words, and appropriate/therapeutic touch, to help ease any anxiety my patient’s may have, while in the hospital setting. 🙂

    1. Tammy, I know your family loves your meals and the way you serve them. ❤️

      I want to add a hi Note 🎼🎹🎤 on your cooking, you so generously give a meal, a special emotional heart healing dish to ones that are sick in body and need a healing touch. I heard a song sung by the Gaithers’ this am, Give it Away…take what you have and give it away. I must say you got it with “Southern homemade chicken salad, soup and a bad girl banana pudding.

      Yes, you have much to give away when it comes to healing👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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