17 thoughts on “Book of Judges-Reggie Webb Lesson 20

  1. Pastor Reggie in this lesson surely had my feet walking this land of wonder by the Jordan River. I am venturing over to Numbers to read as Reggie suggested.

    I went a little further in studying of maps and commentaries. I thought interesting from Chuck Swindoll, on Book of Judges, “Memory is a gift. Remembering the past teaches us countless lessons about how to live today. The Israelites forgot. They did not remember the miraculous events that brought them to their land or the covenant that united them to their God. But God did not forget His covenant—and because of His great love for His people, He disciplined His sinful children so that they might return to Him.”

    Swindoll goes on to say, “Have you forgotten the great works God has done in your life? Perhaps your difficult circumstances are overpowering your faith. Do you feel as if He is disciplining you right now? Know that He disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:5–11). Return to Him. Remember, trust, and obey. He is waiting with open arms.”

    Another personal stand out to me was Reggie’s example of “ I want my land back it’s mine” And, Reggie gave, “it’s mine” a child’s sticker. My experience, some years ago I purchased what I concerned a useless parcel of land from a elderly man that said he was in financial stress. I paid triple or more than it’s worth to help this older man with his difficulties. Within a few years or so he began to struggle with some form of dementia and childish behavior. I tried to visit him off and on and offer support in various ways. One day with two faith keeper Lilies we went to visit him in a nursing home and he was battling with staff and they were threating to throw him out for his childish but somewhat abusive behavior. And, they did that very day. My point here, he looked at me and said, “it’s mine, that land is mine.” It was a very scary moment to see his face and hear abusive words coming from a broken sick old man acting like a child of extreme bad selfish behavior. Thankfully, the witnesses were there to repeat back to me what we heard.

    A child with selfish behavior in an old man that now surely had reverted back to his bad childish behavior. Listening to Reggie and reading the words of Churck Swindoll, “Return to Him.” Him, being, The Lord.

    If you find yourself in a place like this and would like more info on returning to Jesus. Getting to know Jesus, Pastor Reggie preached the morning service 1/7/19 “ Remembering Death, it is appointed unto man once to die.” Listen and be blessed:

      1. I agree with you Tammy on the urgency of the truth on “death” from the Word of God.. Pastor Reggie did not sugar coat the message but boldly spoke truth. . How everyone needs to hear this message. Well presented Pastor Reggie👏👏👏

      2. As I just listened to Pastor Reggie’s sermon, “ Remembering Death, it is appointed unto man once to die.”, I too agree with Tammy and Rena on their comments on urgency. One thing that stood out to me was Pastor Reggie’s plea, “That God would bend our minds toward the grave so we can reap the benefits.” I appreciate his soul-searching prompts and scriptures and examples and illustrations of the ‘tide of death’ dashing at our feet and how we are each one in the process of dying.

  2. Through all that was going on in this lesson, we see as Pastor Reggie says, God was deathly silent. No one opened the door for God’s direction.

    Desperate men, the Elders, facing an imminent war with no commander decided to take things into THEIR own hands. No inquiry from God. Then Reggie said a profound statement to me which gives much to think about. “The (elders) wrong people asking the wrong questions and offering wrong rewards is asking for big trouble😱.

    Oops do we do that- ask the wrong person when facing imminent fiery trials, forgetting all about YAHWEH and run as quickly as we can to anyone who will hear us complain of a dire need which must have an answer NOW. Wrong questions are asked with no understanding of the history of that person, and they are given nuggets not of gold but of mold.

    Thus the lesson to learn? For me is when a tornado comes into your life, seek God first, He has the answers, and Faith Seekers ready to help. You might face some spiritual growth pains but that’s the reward of walking with God.

  3. Sara, I appreciate you posting the Judges map and comments from Chuck Swindoll to tie in to Pastor Reggie’s lesson. That, along with your words, adds another layer to reflect on.
    Your quote , “Memory is a gift. Remembering the past teaches us countless lessons about how to live today” and your story really illustrates to me a current example of Pastor Reggie’s warning: “If you don’t learn from history, you are bound to repeat it.”

      1. Yes, you are right, Sara.

        And I think Pastor Reggie said something that relates when he pointed out that the Israelites in this lesson chose a leader which was a ‘purely secular move’… they relied on their own wits and resources in their decision making and made no attempt to ‘appeal to God.’

  4. Reggie reviewed the plot of Israel. “Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord!” God reminded them how many times he had delivered them. He was not happy.

    This got me thinking on Debi’s book review below as she artfully made parallels between two writers being in agreement yet expressed differently displaying personalities of each writer.

    Wonder how it sounds in results to compare, “evil in the eyes of the Lord vs “good in the eyes of the Lord.”

    Reggie gives a few here….he gives us much in the lives of others to compare…

    1. Debi, I understand you are a high school teacher and love instructing students in hands on projects. And, especially when it involves plant material.

      You truly have shown your skill and talent in our study of the Book of Judges among other studies to read, listen and give parallels and ‘opposites attract type’ illustrations.

      As we like many others use the beginning of a new year to rediscover or find our gifts and talents among the haystacks of life we often miss the pearl of great price and the parable of the hidden tresasure.
      “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found, and hid. In his joy, he goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field.”
      — Matthew 13:44, World English Bible
      John Calvin writes of this parable:
      “The first two of these parables are intended to instruct believers to prefer the Kingdom of heaven to the whole world, and therefore to deny themselves and all the desires of the flesh, that nothing may prevent them from obtaining so valuable a possession. We are greatly in need of such a warning; for we are so captivated by the allurements of the world, that eternal life fades from our view; and in consequence of our carnality, the spiritual graces of God are far from being held by us in the estimation which they deserve.”

      And, we pray for Thy Kingdom come thy will be done in earth as in heaven…And, we see glimpses into these mysteries when believers diligently let their Light shine!

      Thanks to all of ‘Faith Keeping Lilies’ for gift lights shining brightly so we can do as Pastor Reggie writes in his note of thanks for fruit basket shared from his followers here. He writes (see his note in his photo blog below) “I pray that we might grow together in love as we study the scriptures and apply what we learn.”🙏🏻

  5. A situation arose early this morning and continues. With thoughts of what lessons God could be be teaching us, here is something to ponder on in regards to Reggie’s Sermon, “Remembering Death”

    Do you have the keys to go to heaven.
    Where are they?

    They are hidden from me!
    I’ve looked everywhere, but my key isn’t there.
    Did I put them in the frig to save for later use?
    Did I give to someone else and they have forgotten
    and I’ve forgotten who I gave them too.
    Did I put them under papers which I hope to read later?
    Or did I put them on a shelf to collect dust?
    Or did I put in the doggie dish and they don’t care one bit about using.

    God’s key fits in God’s door.
    Lord let me find the key
    The right key
    To get me where I should be going!

      1. Thanks for the posting the link to Pastor Reggie’s sermon again Sara and reminder, “key to entrance into eternal life.”
        As I re-listened to much of his sermon I sure agree…it is a great lesson! Very powerful.

        Rena, your poem with line asking if you left your keys in the fridge or “I’ve forgotten who I gave them too” I thought had similarities to the poem titled, “I Can’t Remember”near the end of Pastor Reggie’s sermon. He said this poem was a warning that we are in the process of dying and it could happen any time. Pastor Reggie told us in his lesson that we must prepare to meet God; that there are 1,000 gates that lead to death.

  6. “One thousand gates to death and I can’t get out taking one! Pastor Reggie says. Yes I know it, but what key fits the gate of life. (Proverbs 4:13 Take hold of my instructions, don’t let them go. Guard them, for they are the KEY to life.)

    Often I have lost important things and I didn’t put them in my usual places. I know without a doubt God sees. I sit and say, God you know I have to have my…… I can’t find and I have no idea where it is. If you don’t help me I can’t go anywhere. I can’t ….. Lord I give up. Please I ask you to show me the unusual place I’ve put the key as I’m in need of it. I’m waiting on YOU to speak as to where the key is as I’m exhausted with looking. This is a time stealer. Help me Lord!

    Help, He does. He shows us where the key is and says HOLD ON TO THEM!

    1. The poem I mentioned above, “I Can’t Remember”, that Pastor Reggie read, can be found at approx. minute 30 on his sermon. Here are a few verses from it:

      “Just a line to say I’m living
      that I’m not among the dead,
      Though I’m getting more forgetful
      and mixed up in my head

      I got used to my arthritis
      to my dentures I’m resigned,
      I can manage my bifocals
      but gosh, I miss my mind

      For sometimes I can’t remember
      when I stand at the foot of the stairs,
      If I must go up for something
      or have I just come down from there?…”

  7. When Pastor Reggie told us that “there are 1,000 gates that lead to death” my understanding was that he was speaking about how many different ways there are to die and that we don’t know which one it will be. He listed and explained some of these ways in reference to the 1,000 gates at approx 14:30 min into his teaching sermon audio.

    Both the poem and the gates’ list sure gave a lot to reflect on I thought.

    1. Thanks Debi for connecting poem and Reggie’s Poem I Can’t Remember and Lost Keys.

      Let me tell you a story about death that causes me to weep every time I think upon it. My Grandfather died as we all will. He never entered a church, he never read the Bible, we were afraid of him. On the day of his funeral my Dad and his brother and two sisters were the only ones in attendance. My Dad when he came home wept and wept and wept. My Dad I had never seen weep. He said, “that funeral was far worse than burying your dog.” He continued to weep until no more tears came..

      Yes remember death — do you have Jesus the key of life. Did you listen to the alarm FIND Jesus he saves you and me, or do we plug up our ears, never take a step to go to Jesus’s outstretched arms. We come to visit he gate of 💀 and the burial is cold and far worse than burying your dog causing all to weep until we can weep no more.

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