Love Story 52 years

I would like to introduce you to my good friends, Beth and Carl. I have requested prayer for Carl over the last few months and he is healing and hopes to be home in a few weeks. Thanks to all that prayed.

Recently, I asked Beth to share with us their love story. She gave me what I might call Part 1. You just might want to hear more. ♥️

We met in June of 1966 at Mount Olive college. He had just got out of the army, and was enrolling in college! He was one handsome, sweet man. There were only 22 girls living on campus for summer school. He asked several of them to go out before he added me! He’s always saved the best for last. Ha ha!
When we did have our first date, it was just us from then on. 
In September, he asked me to marry him and in January, we were married. 
The only way my Mother would bless the marriage was if we promised to complete our college education. 
He opted for a 2 yr business degree and after I graduated from Mount Olive, I transferred to ECU and got my degree in education.
He worked in Sales at  a TV station and I taught school.  He eventually opened his own Advertising agency.
One unique thing about our marriage is we never lived by ourselves until my Mother passed away in 2010.
Carl’s Mother died when he was 11 months old. When he was almost 3 he came to the farm on which we have spent our married life! His foster parents were older when they got him. They were a loving Christian couple who married late and had no children of their own. She died when Carl was 14 and he and his foster father continued to live together. When we married, he was elderly and we couldn’t bare to leave him alone, so we moved in with him.
Our daughter was born 4 years before he died. Drs told us her being here extended his life. 3 yrs later our son was born. When he was 9 my Mother came to live with us. Carl and I felt Mama could have an easier time financially if she lived with us. She was able to do that for 23 years.
After last child left for college we still had Mama, so we only had the empty nest after she passed away.
God has been so good to us, in that we were able to live with in-laws, by having our children experience the love, heritage, and wisdom of their Grandparents. It was not always easy, but was a good situation for all, 
We’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times always with Love and God’s Grace. 
We are blessed with our two children, their spouses, and our 5 beautiful Grandchildren, our Church family and many dear friends.
Our greatest achievement with God’s help has been that our children have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. Perfect, they are not but they do their best to serve the Lord at home and elsewhere! In addition to their careers, our son and his wife are Christian Counselors who counsel men and women who have sexual addictions like pornographers and affairs.
Our daughter is cordinator of programs for little girls and is active in helping with youth program. Our son-in-law is an adult Sunday school teacher, Deacon and sings in the choir.
I’m not sure ours is the most romantic love story, but it is a love story that continues after 52 years!
God must have had a plan for your saying you would love to hear our Love Story, because I’ve been especially blessed in sharing it with you, my friend!
I am at home resting, before I go back to the rehab unit this afternoon! 
Thank you so much for asking!
You are truly an angel among us!
Love you!

22 thoughts on “Love Story 52 years

  1. I have know Beth longer than she has known Carl.🤔🥰 She and I grew up in the same small town in Eastern NC. And, I knew her parents and family. I could knit our families together in many various ways. One way that has kept her close to my heart, she was a classmate and friend of my brother, Chester. That has been very special.

    She is a great pianist and we have kept close ties through our love of old hymns . It’s been great having her as a prayer partner.

    I better stop before I find myself telling part 2 of her story. Love you, Beth.

  2. Thank you Beth for sharing your beautiful “Love Story”. I enjoyed and appreciated reading it very much. It was so inspiring to read how love reached out, touched and encompassed young and old. I am so glad Sara posted both story and picture for us here on The Daily Lily. My thoughts and prayers are for you both and for Carl’s continued healing.

    1. Thank you Debi for reading and responding! Your thoughtful, prayerful words will encourage Beth and Carl as they walk through this trial st Vidiant Rehab? Greenville NC as Carl regains strength for his return home ‘down on the family farm.

      Beth knows the power of gratitude. She stops often to thank us for prayers. And, gives updates on progress.

  3. Beth thank you for sharing your Love Story. I’m always thrilled to see and hear others true love stories. So many don’t know what love is like. What a legacy of serving God as He has reached others by your first love of God, reaching others with outstretched arms. Modeling such a lifestyle before your children has affected them in a love for God, family, and others. What a true LOVE story you present here.
    Thank you for sharing. And I will keep 🙏

  4. Thanks for sharing your love story Beth. When I reread this portion of your story….”Our greatest achievement with God’s help has been that our children have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.” I’m encouraged by this. It brought to my mind this Scripture verse. 🙏 “ Proverbs 22:6
    Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

    1. Beautiful share Tammy! I love seeing the interlocking of shared family values. 💕

      Tammy, I know you as a wife and Mother with family values steeped in the Christian faith share Beth’s greatest accomplishment.

      As a Mother of grown sons you share the same badge. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      1. Tammy, you pray and you and Chris as husband and wife have lived your lives to honor God before them! That’s a gift, inheritance and legancy to anchor their souls “in the haven of rest.” They are very blessed young men to have you and Chris as parents.

  5. Update on Carl as he heals:
    My man is coming home Tuesday or Wednesday morning depending on installation of ramp at home.
    We are happy although we know it’s going to be tough!!
    He will be in a wheel chair, pick line, and wound vac.
    Physical therapist will come to house for therapy, and nurse for wound vac, pic line dressing , and antibiotic infusions.
    He can move from bed or chair to wheel chair and vice versa.
    He can bathe and dress himself with assistance. Medicare and insurance says there’s no medical reason for him to stay longer.
    So happy he can go home, but please continue prayers for His healing and My strength and ability to be able to take care of him.
    The weekly labs came back and indicator #s for bone infection has dropped from
    300+ down to 32…meaning antibiotics are working.
    The kids will be making the house as convenient and comfortable over the weekend.
    So thankful for them.
    Thank you for your prayers!!

  6. Our prayers continue for Carl’s recovery and healing.
    Seems he is making good progress. Yet, a distance to go.
    Sure seems he could have used a little longer time if insurance would have allowed. He is greatly blessed to have you, Beth, by his side.
    You truly have our prayers for great strength as you caretake.

    We give thanks for the help your children are able to provide.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Thank you for the update of Carl and Beth.
      My prayers will continue for Carl’s complete healing, ability to care for himself, and that the antibiotics continue to work with no more infection. And also that Beth will be strengthened and both will be encouraged with daily progress.

  7. What a new life, I mean changes to adjust too, for the both of you. The frustration of one who wants to pick up life where he left off and knowing it isn’t possible at this time with the ? Is this the new norm for me. Of course this is for you as well. Thanks be to God that you have a deep love for each other as you walk hand in hand not knowing what’s ahead of you but having a deep faith in God who has brought you through many things. What a powerful God who is also orchestrating family and the family of God, those whom you know and those who are called to walk beside you. God working through all to bring joy and laughter, and sweet surprises with arms opened to fellowship with you.

  8. First outing with Carl in wheelchair and wound vac. Went to his foot/wound Dr in Greenville. Shawn went with us to make sure I could get his Dad in and out of the car, and get the wheelchair in and out. I did it. I think he and Paige believe we can manage!!! 😊
    So grateful for their loving care!
    The Dr. said bone in foot looked good, color better, and it is healing but VERY SLOWLY.
    Has some concern with circulation in tiny capillaries near toes maybe contributing to slow healing!
    Circulation was found to be good in other parts of the foot
    By vascular Dr, but no way to know for sure about tiny vessels.
    I’ve now added to my nursing and dietician duties as a nutritionist. Now as well as keeping sugar low, I am now making sure he’s getting foods high in nitric oxide…beet juice, pine nuts, almonds, kale, pomegranate salmon, onions, etc.
    Most are already in our diet? But adding more hopefully to improve circulation.
    He still has periods of intense back pain, but he works through them. His pain is now managed with alternating Advil and Tylenol…no strong RX pain meds. PTL.
    He can now bear weight on the heel only of the bad foot which helps therapist help him move even more.
    We are so thankful for all your prayers to the Greatest Physician of all who is with him and me every day!
    Please continue prayers especially for healing of the wound/infection in his foot and infection in his spine

    1. Thank you for the progress report on Carl and Beth! Great to hear the improvements. I will continue to pray for the circulation near his toes to improve and for “healing of the wound/infection in his foot and infection in his spine”.
      May the Lord continue to strengthen and encourage Beth as she has added job as nutritionist to all her other duties. Blessings also to those who help Carl in all the different ways and for the Dr.’s to have wisdom in their treatments and care.

  9. Update from Beth…In the quiet of this morning, I am reminded how awesome our God is!
    5 months ago last night the love of my life was seriously ill in the hospital. Today, he is walking without assistance.!
    His foot is almost completely healed, and he continues to gain strength through therapy.
    God has provided strength and courage daily! Thank you for praying …God hears and answers in his way and in his time! Our hope and peace is in him.
    We hope you have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend as we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

    Our reply: Good Morning Dear Beth, as I read your words I am reminded of the words, ‘your faith as made you whole.” (Matthew 9:22) Your testimony to God’s healing power, His great salvation for all that will receive and believe. And the way you truly show by telling, “we’ve a story to tell to the Nations.”

    It has and is a privilege to be part of a pray team via Internet with you and how you through your writings have kept us focused.

    We greatly rejoice with Carl as he begins his new season of freedom. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    We make remembrance of “Memorial Day” with you as we pause to recognize and give thanks. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻 Sara and team of thedailylily

  10. Thank you for the update on Carl and his great progress.
    I would like to say, “Amen” to Sara’s words above.

    May the Lord give him total healing of his foot and strength for his therapy as he walks his complete recovery road.

  11. Update on Carl and Beth…. “ After a busy day, prepping for all the family to come , I’m sitting here feeling thankful and blessed. I try not to think of the past 16 months, but knowing where we’ve been makes me so much more thankful every single day including Thanksgiving!
    This week has been Carl’s best in over a year.
    Although he still has pain when walking, he is walking stronger, farther, and straight!
    We’ve started going to wellness center 3 to 5 times a week! He walks and uses machines for strengthening.
    Today, he walked all over Belk while I shopped, went in Food Lion by himself, and mowed grass when we got home!
    God has and continues to help him and me, His blessings are abundant, and He is so good all the time!
    When counting our blessings, we count you twice as you have supported us with your love, prayers, and encouragement during Carl’s illness.
    It means more than you will ever know! Thank you for all your loving kindness!
    We wish for you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving !
    Love you!❤️”

    1. Thank you Sara for the update on Carl and Beth! I want to include my thanks and rejoicing with them for Carl’s great progress and that “This week has been Carl’s best in over a year.”
      May the Lord continue to strengthen him and pour His abundant healing in and to also bless and strengthen Beth as well. May they have a blessed Thanksgiving with their family.

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