Billy Graham St Louis Mo

This week Pastor Reggie Webb is in hospital, Durham NC, and needs much prayer. We will not have a lesson from the book of Judges.

I thought this is a great time to try and find time to listen to Dr Graham from the Book of Daniel. We are truly blessed to have internet and find and listen to many of the greatest preacher to have lived in modern times. Great sermon from 1973! Timeless and ageless.;_ylt=A0PDsBry3ZBcq2IARY3BGOd_;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=billy+graham+st+louis+mo&

6 thoughts on “Billy Graham St Louis Mo

  1. The truth clearly spoken by Dr. Graham. If this message doesn’t get one’s attention, I don’t know what would? Thanks for sharing. Prayers for Pastor Reggie 🙏

  2. Thank you for sharing this video, Sara. So great to hear Dr. Graham’s warnings as well as the Hope he preaches. And such parallels to think on for what is going on in today’s world as well.

  3. Most of us might have said at some point and surely most of us heard, “the writing is on the wall.”

    Yet, as I read, heard and saw the reality of “the writing is on the wall” in this teaching by Dr Graham I asked myself; “am I able to recognize and interpret my Fathers handwriting”?

    Oh Lord, open my eyes, my heart, and my mind so that I may know who you are?

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