13 thoughts on “A Butterfly tells many stories

    1. Hi Phil, it’s amazing how NY and No Va share Butterflies. 🦋🦋🦋Nature has a way to keep us focused on The Holy Spirit and our connections to one another regardless of where we are.

      Your cousin always believed that our beloved family and friends that moved to the heavenly realm had a way on certain days like BD yo see earth and send greetings. My imagination didn’t go that far but since she has been gone for awhile she is not forgotten. And, it seems the sound of a piano being played says, she is with us.

      Many believe the butterfly is a spiritual sign of a visitor from the life of those that left us with a rich legacy. And, your cousin did, has. 🙏🏻🦋

  1. These are such beautiful butterflies ! I love how butterflies are not only beautiful to see but are also helpers in the garden…pollinating flowers and maybe helping to create a new hybrid.

  2. When I pause long enough to enjoy the beauty and excitement of bush to butterfly and butterfly to bush I am reminded of the root truth of the why of it all.

    Jesus tells us as recorded in the Book of John chapter 5 and verse 15: “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing”.

    With him, we can bear fruit because we know that God provides us with an abundance of garden bushes, plants, trees and provides the rain and sun to produce the crop. Oh, that we would love His Word and cling to The Cross Truth as the Butterfly enjoys the flowing bloom from the green bush that is properly rooted. My garden muse from my ‘Circle of Quiet.’

  3. Beautiful pictures above🐛🦋🌺 I found an interesting website that has some info about butterflies if anyone wants to visit?…. “gardenswithwings.com”

      1. Thanks for sharing the website on butterflies Tammy! I like how you put in your zipcode and see the butterflies and caterpillars to ID and learn about in your own area.

        And I loved looking at all the pictures and reading up on the butterfly house from your shared link.

    1. Thank you TAMMY for sharing the website gardenswithwings.com
      I like knowing that the butterflies like colorful plants in direct sun. I have a large clump of Lantana growing in direst sun and the butterflies team on it each day. So beautiful to look at.

      I love the pictures John Paul which you shared.

      I use the butterfly with a cross in the middle as a signature for my paintings. New life in Jesus Christ!

    1. Wow! That’s great.
      From reading on the site I see that “it is the one and only host plant for the gorgeous Zebra Swallowtail.” That is a really amazing relationship between your tree and this butterfly.

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