Prayer for seasons

Prayer from my morning devotional…I like it…join me in prayer if you like it🙏🏻

“Lord, As I advance through the stages of life, help me grow in the wisdom without losing the joy, play, imagination, and childlike trust you gifted me with in my early years.”

7 thoughts on “Prayer for seasons

  1. I will add to your prayer Sara, as we age and lead the little ones. Lord I pray that each week as I study your Word that the lesson will become real to children’s lives and not just a cute story. May they begin to see the unseen in the stories as they become detectives of the Word. May they always see You and may they take away at least one thing they can apply to their lives. May they walk and talk with You in a close relationship. May they through Jesus’s teaching learn how to put their hands in Jesus’s boxer gloves and fight the good fight. May they lovingly share their faith or tell what can be found in a Bible to someone who doesn’t know. Lord help me show and model the excitement of knowing Jesus! May I be about what you want for the week and not my list of things I want to cover. Amen
    PS May we dance, create music, and paint for you.

    1. Rena, beautiful and very needful prayer for your children. And, I agree, amen and amen as we add children everywhere to hear the good news.

    1. Tammy, Puppies are so playful and joyful aren’t they? . They bring great joy to others. Assist in healing and a great antidote for loneliness which so many suffer from. I find them in the category of without guile which is what God desires from His children. I John 1:47 “Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile

  2. Sara, I would like to join in your prayer, along with Rena and Tammy.
    I agree with Tammy on the puppy video….love the energy, alertness and bright light in eyes.

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