Rena and her prayer Shaw

I received this prayer Shaw from a little girl who is five.  She came in swinging her pig tails and carrying a large bag.

I said what a beautiful bag!!!

She said, “It is for you”, at which I said, “For Me!!!”

She said, It is for your surgery.  I was puzzled.

Then I thought she probably over heard someone ask me about the eye surgery.  (Cataract surgery x2)

Her mother said she without her asking her went to the prayer Shaw ladies and asked them to make this prayer shaw for me.  

I was humbled by such a beautiful gift.  I’m running a little late on pray this am so now will put it on and pray.

I had to share this beautiful story of her gift.

6 thoughts on “Rena and her prayer Shaw

  1. A sweet story of a very sensitive and compassionate little girl. She acted in love. She sure gave a prayer Shaw to the right person. I’m sure you Rena, will use it wisely.

    The child in Rena’s story reminds me to give thought to the words of Isaiah 11:6 “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all.”

    1. No my church does not yet have a Prayer Shawl Ministry. How special for a church to make prayer shawl’s for one outside their own congregation. What an outreach in love they have.

      I thought it also interesting they gave a little history of the prayer shawl. It reads as follows. The prayer shawl originated in the Old Testament and was used during worship and private prayer time. Today a prayer shawl or prayer cover is meant to bring comfort to the wearer and an awareness of God’s presence in our daily lives. God knows our deepest needs and we trust the Lord’s promise to sustain us.

      Here is a paragraph that is was so special, that words can’t express how honored I was.

      The person who created your shawl prayed for you while making it. That person may or may not have known your name or your circumstances, but every stitch was created with prayers for you.

      1. Where is the ministry that parents said their daughter visited to get Shaw?

        Lovely message came with the gift. Let’s give maker and giver a hand!

  2. What a lovely story and beautiful prayer Shaw given by a little girl who must be very thoughtful and kind and concerned about others needs which she must know can be helped through prayer.

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