5 thoughts on “Hear and Obey

  1. That is quite a blessing if we will do the 2 things Jesus is telling us to: hear the word of God and then obey it.

    I like how John 1:1 explains to us the meaning of this word and how truly big it is.
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    And in these uncertain and unpredictable times when everything seems to constantly change and we need an anchor, it is good to know that the word is the reliable truth and we can count on it.

    “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matthew 24:35

  2. Footnotes for verses 27,28 of Luke 11 says: (NIV) “ Jesus was speaking to people who put extremely heavy value on family ties. Their genealogies were important guarantees that they were part of God’s chosen people. A man’s value came from his ancestors, and a woman’s value came from the sons she bore. Jesus’response to the woman meant that a person’s obedience to God is more important than his or her place on the family tree. The patient work of consistent obedience is even more important than the honor of bearing a respected son.” 🙏

  3. Jesus, you truly are a wonder to me. In our Blog scripture a woman interrupted you right as you spoke because she wanted to give praise to your Mother for birthing and nurturing you. You are so tender with us you accepted her praise on behalf of your Mother and then gave her hope not only for her but for all that are spiritually awakened by your ministry, her son. We are a people of communication with you. You ask us to repent and believe. Jesus you live and model your message with us and we are being transformed daily as we walk and talk with you. Thank you. We don’t stress about what to repent of because Your spirit guides us. Again, thank you for the good news. And, for allowing us to be the ones to share and care for our families and all we meet such good news. You are a Wonder!

    “Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.”
    —Mark 1:14-15 (NRSV)

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