Throwing Your Light Forward

Another great workbook by Sara with Gary on Relationship, Friendship, and Fellowship. Sara teaching “Throwing Your Light Forward” at CCI/ROSSOL Seminar These six studies have been designed for groups to study “The True Light” and become enlightened by each other through sharing life’s eperieneces and Life Light.” John 1 We are given real life issuesContinue reading “Throwing Your Light Forward”

Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.

The Rose of Sharon School of Learning/CCI took part Saturday in “A Worldwide Team Effort” by packing 74 shoe-boxes for a special child somewhere in the World in being a part of the Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children. Many thanks for the ones that gave to fill the boxes and the ones thatContinue reading “Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse outreach for Children.”


My coined phrase Generational Negatives??? here in after referred to as (GN). The Book of St. John chapter 5 Take Up Your Bed and Walk.. St. John, known by many as the Beloved Apostle of Jesus Christ records the account of Jesus visiting Jerusalem and stopping by a pool called Bethesda. There were many sickContinue reading “GENERATIONAL NEGATIVES -PASSIVITY-Part I”

A Reflection from the Mountaintop called Truth

A View from the Mountaintop called Truth Photo taken by Sara while visiting Scotland When you have the idea or a passion to view and then “tell the truth” always remember that truth is from the view you have of it and you only have a partial view and that view may not have beenContinue reading “A Reflection from the Mountaintop called Truth”

Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman

Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman! By Sara How does one measure a Lie? God Hates Lies! Proverbs 6:16 records this fact for us. The Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos reveals in Revelation 21:27 the outcome of falsehood. Also in Revelation 22:14,15 John gives a contrast between a lie andContinue reading “Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman”


“Stiffed Starched Shirts Hanging on a Clothesline” As I traveled South today with my laptop and looking out my windows upon cotton fields and clotheslines among the decorations of October Pumpkins and the beginnings of Fall Wonders, I see clothes, laundry, personal items hanging outside of one’s home on their clothesline. My friend of theContinue reading “STIFFED STARCHED SHIRTS HANGING ON A CLOTHESLINE”