Study on the Book of Amos-Reggie Webb

Introduction to the book of Amos-Pastor Reggie Webb-August 20, 2019

Come along and study with Reggie Webb of Edenton, NC. Thank you Tammy and June for your part in providing this study online for us.

I noticed we have a few glitches in recording be patient or fast forward a bit. Thanks.

I am Sorry…

“I am sorry”

Can be the most important words one might ever say or hear. Or, they may be the most disappointing words one might say or hear.

I learned at my Mothers knees these three tiny words were only to be uttered from the purest of heart. They were meant never to be uttered often and not for deceptive motives. I was never told in my remembrance to say to my sibling that I just mistreated or spoke ugly to, “now say you are sorry” knowing I was going to do it again. We were spoken to about why we did the ugly. And, it’s consequences. To be honest there were times I did ugly and not sorry for it and my Mother knew it.

I didn’t know at the time my Mother was preparing me for the greatest earth happening ever in the life of the Christian Faith. One day her Hope was The Holy Spirit would co-counsel me along with her on what ugly, “I am sorry” really meant and the end result would be ugly to Holy. The understanding came to me very early in life that I was so “ugly” as part of living in a world of sin, death and corruption that I wanted peace, beauty and exactness. I was taught there was only one way and it was a very narrow way. Matthew 7:13-14 records, “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14) Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Yes, from the KJV of the Bible I was taught the meaning of, I am sorry.

I could write volumes on this subject. And, you might ask, don’t you need to say sorry to others when you have wronged them? Absolutely, you should speak truth! Are you sorry? (Dictionary, 1) feeling regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc)? If so what do you plan to do about it other than utter words to try and cover your sorry hide. (Dictionary-2) sorry “wretched, poor, useless, or pitiful: a sorry horse.)

I’m speaking from my humble opinion of the importance of these words, “I am sorry, because it seems Mother’s knees from my viewpoint are now, hit, punch, slap, verbal ugly, lie, deceive in word or dodge, gun or whatever might empower your ego just go for it. The old way of parenting with The Holy Spirit is a butt joke in many churches. The straight and narrow of the road that leads to a follower of Jesus and Holy Living according to the New Testament (NT) of the Bible guidelines are mute in much of today’s society. To be important in myself I need to punch back harder, call others the most insulting names my limited thinking can come up with, have no love for others unless they look like me and act like me. Yeap! Ugly begets Ugly! Ugly is as Ugly does.

Hate seems to have become the norm. Love has been extracted like the removal of an aching ‘wisdom’ tooth. The NT gives in words the results of, The Cross, Sacrifice of Blood, The Messiah, The Savior of the World, love out of hate, life out of death, peace out of chaos, Eternal out of temporal.

Now granted my thoughts might sound ancient and be archaic. Therefore, I (we) would love hearing your experiences with, “I am sorry.” (My Mother and Father)