The Doll Within Me


A true story told by author, Sara, with journal sheets to write your story. Illustrated with original art by artist, Dawn Collins.

The Doll Within Me by Sara 


Sara, Author
I’m a wife, mom, mother-in-law, writer, lover of nature, sand and sea. Dreamer of all people and
their pets being healed, fed, having water, and treated with respect. “Watch Your Wings” is my theme
in guiding me into eternal things. email
Dawn Collins, Artist
I’m a mom, an artist, a lover of all things Charlie Brown. I’m a hippie with a childlike spirit mak- ing wishes on dandelions and being carried so high by daydreams I have to look down to see the stars. To see more of Dawn’s art and purchase click below:

One thought on “The Doll Within Me

  1. This is such a beautiful book and I read it over and over. The illustrations are captivating and I love to look at them again and again. I am delighted with it and purchased several as gifts and got many great responses. Thank you!

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