10 thoughts on ““All we do for others today may show in their faces tomorrow.” by Sara

  1. Wise observation, Sara, appropriate ESPECIALLY for these Holiday Seasons.
    I remember the joyous face of a woman in NC as she received Thanksgiving Baskets…the knowledge that she was loved and remembered shone on her face like the sun. It brought praises from her lips for the Lord and His goodness.
    Yesterday, I heard the story of a homeless man who was given a Thanksgiving meal at the church. The incredulity on his face was so evident at the generosity of God’s people that he came to the night prayer service that very evening and accepted the Lord.
    What we do for Christ will shine on the faces and in the hearts of those to whom we minister HIS love.

    1. Oh another thing….thinking about your thesis on GN’s I think that Doing For Others might help to dispell the negative shadow of GN’s that is over a person’s life. I recall in a book by Sara that she quoted an author (and I paraphrase) about how to overcome the depression and negatives in your life; lock up your house & go across the railroad tracks and help somebody that is in need. I guess that act of kindness and self-sacrifice will help put a shine on their faces AND your own, too!!

    2. We rejoice with the Angels of Heaven as this homeless man came to the church services and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It is so refreshing and rewarding to know there was a church service in the evening for this gentlemen to attend and hear the Word of The Lord.

      We give thanks and thank you for your service to The Homeless. Thank you Eugene also for sharing this important and thrilling info w/all of us because Jesus is waht we are about.

  2. It is most rewarding when one person helps another and the gratitude overpowers anything else going on. Doing for others deepens the bond between people and makes me think of the “Golden Rule”.
    Reading your statement Sara but a bright spot in a gloomy morning. Thanks!

  3. “All I do today will show in their face tomorrow.” by Sara
    When my two sons were young I made this my mission and vision as a young Mom. Now when I see their faces or hear their voices I am convinced this is true.

    I am even more convinced when I see them and their goodness and kindness and love to me that God’s Mercy and Grace works even better. When we have God and Goodness we can’t fail.

    We should always remember it is never to late to show kindness and be gracious and always with love. Let us never forget “Lots of Prayer.”

  4. Jesus said that what you do unto them, you have done unto Me. Let us be reminded that when we do something for someone, whether good or bad, we are doing it to Jesus as well.
    Sara, I too made the decision to arrange my work schedule for my two boys. I am able to be there for them to help guide them during the school week, and their dad can guide them on the weekends, while I work. I am praying that all I do for them; today, will, indeed show in their faces tomorrow. Thank you God for allowing me to have the opportunity to work like this.

  5. I read this quote by Sara “All we do for others today may show in their face tommorrow”…and I read all the responses…and the bearing our cross blog has me really go searching and being determined to bear and follow and learn I”surfed way over to this blog”..and it seems that yes all the good that we do today for others may show in their faces tommorrow, but I started thinking…all that we dont do for others will also show in their faces tomorrow and perhaps eternity….(hell even)…thats really scary..the consequences of not bearing our cross daily …for them and for us….dj

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