For most children in the United States, school is about to start or has already started. Children get excited about buying new clothes and school supplies in preparation for the big day – the first day of school. Children are excited about catching up with what happened over the summer with other students they know. They are curious as to what this next school year will hold. All of us have memories of our first days of school and most of us had a favorite teacher who impacted our life. Did you have a favorite teacher you wish to tell us about?

My favorite teacher, Mrs. Seibert encouraged my mother to take me to a different eye doctor. It was found that I had the wrong prescription for my glasses. Instead of glasses for nearsightedness I was given a prescription for farsighted glasses. Mrs. Seibert then moved me from a remedial reading group to an online reading group and added huge dashes of encouragement. I went from barely reading to good to excellent in reading. She also encouraged me in art. She allowed us to dance at recess and encouraged us to sing. One of my favorites was the Battle Hymn of the Republic and America the Beautiful. These remain my favorites. I could hardly wait to get to her class each day. Looking back, I don’t know how she was able to be such a light to me that year as personally she was going through tragedy in her own life. She lost her only daughter who was very young to leukemia. Mrs. Seibert you were a real hero to me. Thanks! I hope that I will touch a life like you did mine.