And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.
Ephesian 6:17

One of my sons wanted to take classes in fencing. My first thought was, WHY?
I quickly learned a little about fencing, and that being, a very little about this sport. I comprehended even less. I did understand somewhat that in the broadest possible sense, fencing is the art of armed combat involving certain weapons directly manipulated by hand, rather than shot, or thrown. A number of weapons are used including the sword. I also learned that it is an Olympic sport.
The ‘sword’ of course interest me because of my study of God’s Word. For the Word instructs God’s people to use the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesian 6 opened to me in a very picturesque way as I watched with fear my son participate in this sport.

Why, yes, Paul is teaching us about hand-to-hand combat. We are to stand against the opponent face to face. A man of God, Wallace Heflin, once told me as a young timid mother you must stand eyeball to eyeball and toe to toe against the enemy of your soul, your opponents.
I began to think, did God ask the fainthearted to go to war? But, did He not instruct, ‘I will give My people brave and courageous spirits. They shall not be timid. The Word says, I will remove from the ranks those who are timid and those who desire comfort and security in their flesh.
I began to sing this hymn from my youth and wonder why it had not really taken effect, I was very timid and wanted peace in my own way at all cost! Romans 15:3 says “Even Christ did not please Himself”

“Stand Up!–Stand Up for Jesus”
by George Duffield, 1818-1888

1. Stand up!–stand up for Jesus,
Ye soldiers of the Cross!
Lift high His royal banner,
It must not suffer loss.
From vict’ry unto vict’ry
His army shall He lead
Till ev’ry foe is vanquished
And Christ is Lord indeed.

2. Stand up!–stand up for Jesus!
The trumpet-call obey;
Forth to the mighty conflict
In this His glorious day!
Ye that are men, now serve Him
Against unnumbered foes;
Let courage rise with danger
And strength to strength oppose.

3. Stand up!–stand up for Jesus!
Stand in His strength alone;
The arm of flesh will fail you,
Ye dare not trust your own.
Put on the Gospel armor,
Each piece put on with prayer;
Where duty calls or danger,
Be never wanting there.

4. Stand up!–stand up for Jesus!
The strife will not be long;
This day the noise of battle,
The next, the victor’s song.
To him that overcometh
A crown of life shall be;
He with the King of Glory
Shall reign eternally.

Are you like the apostle Paul today, maybe facing adversities, distresses, , even shipwreck, maybe in your career, family or life in someway? What is your perspective on shipwreck? Paul rejoiced in God.