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“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.”
– Albert Einstein-


11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Is this in the same sense as saying that our strengths can become our weaknesses? For Example: we become so STRONG in a thing, whether an attitude or a conviction or a particular gifting that we become blinded to other aspects of life or of a situation or of a novel concept that we cannot consider anything else except our one focus (our strength), then doesn’t that become a weakness of character, of sorts?

  2. We could also say weakness of attitude no ‘self-control’ (Galatians 5) leaving our emotions our of whack. Then we are not able to organize and direct our energies wisely. Leaving us weak in our character. Then we find ourselves involved in all kinds of situations with no commitment and no commitment(s)and this leaves one wide open to each and every bondages one could name.

    I think you got it right, blindness to all good things while lapping up the wrong (read Galatians 5:19-21 for wrongs) and thinking it’s right.

    Read Galatians 5:22-23 and SEE, yes, see without blindness.

  3. Galatians 5:22-3 says,” But the fruit of the Spirit is..love, peace, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, …and THEY THAT ARE CHRIST’S HAVE CRUCIFIED THE FLESH WITH ITS AFFECTIONS AND LUSTS.
    This is talking about major character points of VIRTUE. I see in this list, humility, patience, SELF-CONTROL and love. And like Paul says in the “Love Chapter” of 1 Corinthians 13….If we have the Christ kind of Love all of these things will be covered. ‘For the greatest of these is LOVE.’

  4. It seems from reading all the above that self-control (restraint exercised over one’s own impulses, emotions, or desires) is the steering wheel that directs the vehicle. If we choose to turn it in the wrong direction we may crash and end up wrapped in the bondages Sara writes of. Sometimes we turn at the wrong time because there is a blind-spot in our mirror or view. It seems exercising self-control takes concentration, effort and often the help of others who see one’s blind-spots in order to form a strong character that exhibits the fruit of the spirit referred to in Galations 22-23.

  5. Weak: deficient in vigor of mind or character also: resulting from or indicative of such deficiency (a weak policy) (a weak will) 2.not supported by truth or logic.
    If one has a weakness in their left leg and they decide that they will buy a wheelchair or “little rascle” to get around because this is easy. Their right leg may become weak and they could lose the ability to walk altogether. If one is weak in their left leg and works hard and uses exercises to make it stronger, they will be able to use both legs and continue to walk. Weakness can only be defeated by strength. Weak attitudes leads to weak characters. Strong attitudes leads to strong characters. If we have a weakness, we must work on it to make it stronger. We must be strong to do God’s will. We must get off our “little rascals” and exercise our legs, building our strenghth daily.

  6. Good one, Wendy! ‘Little Rascals’ of any sort may not enhance our spiritual life. In the natural, a Little Rascal Get-About vehicle may be a God-send for someone who cannot ever or at a particular time, navigate on one’s own. But as you point out, if it’s only a crutch, then it becomes an ‘enabler’. Little Rascals, for want of a better word, demons & devils and the sin that so easily besets us will always try to hinder and keep us crippled in the spiritual sense but if we perform our spiritual exercises, that is the putting on of the armor and the shield and the shoes and wielding the sword against the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life, we can develop spiritual muscles wherein we can defeat the enemy. For Scripture says, ‘resist the devil and he will flee from you.’

  7. Back in August 2006, Rena posted a blog, “The Roses/Lillies of God”, that spoke about this self-control some. She said, “just as there is a process to planting a garden there is a process of growing our personal garden in Christ. As one lady at our retreat said, we first have to have faith and then we add to it virtue. To that we add knowledge and then we add self-control”. I really like how Debi has described it as “exercising self-control”. Seemingly, EXERCISE is something we must do daily; that is, if we want it to be effective. Now, you teachers can help me on this, but I believe EXERCISE is a verb or predicate. (I learned that a verb is an action word or “doing” word). I guess we have to say then… that we must “DO” SELF-CONTROL?? I sure find it hard some times; especially when our emotions are “out of whack” to “do” self – control. Thankfully, we learned from Rena’s blog that “growing our personal garden in Christ” is a process…….maybe “exercising self-control” is a fruit of the spirit that is in progress??? We sure want to have a “good attitude and good character”, and “exercising self-control” is certainly imperative to possessing this.

  8. my dad used to say…you had better control yourself and sit down and behave or you’ll get punished….boy did we control ourselves and stop doing what we shouldn’t have been doing and sat down…..we didn’t want to get spanked….and from that we learned there were certain times that you could rough house….but not in the house….and it was a choice…we could not have self control and get spanked or have self control and not get spanked…and the attitude was I’m not doing that in the house and it was a pretty strong attitude of I’m going to be obedient too….especially in light of a “belt”……true a weak attitude will mess up your life…..dj

  9. DJ, Your Father was building character in you and it sure shows today. It is interesting to hear that your Father was a disciplinarian and also the one you speak most of as being your mentor in studies, as well as your love and passion for many forms of art, as well as other areas that forms one character.

    You were blessed to have a Father that knew the value of discipling, loving, sharing and caring. It was always a blessing to see him and at times fellowship with him and see his strength of character in many areas of his life.

    He was one of those men that Chickenfarmer spoke of in “Being Courageous”, a military man and one that won the purple heart. Our thanks to him for serving our country and giving his life as a soldier to give us the freedom that we have today as a Nation. And, giving us a gift of a gifted friend, Dorothy.

  10. Weakness of attitude (self control) becomes weakness of character. So one who chooses not to control the direction of self is distructive, just like not driving or controlling your car would lead to distruction. Dorothy’s father learned the importance of self control through his service to this country and his upbringing. He in turn passed it on to his daughter knowing self control brings strong character. God knows that if we are left totally to the wilds of our fleshly life we would destroy ourselves and everyone around us with our mouths and with our actions. Not being in control means your not listening to anyone either. People may keep telling you somethings wrong, but with no self control you are deaf, in other words no one’s home to receive the message which says “TURN AROUND DISTRUCTION IS RIGHT AROUND THE BEND.” When we allow Jesus in our lives, he sends the Holy Spirit and this spirit of truth continually speaks to us trying to get us to put our hands back on the stirring wheel of our life for He knows the direction the Father would have us go. We must exercise our obedience to God’s laws. In choosing obedience to God, we choose daily self control that lines up with the Word. The devil may come and try to throw us off track, but we say to the devil, “We resist you DEVIL, we are not going that way again, or we are just not going to think like that again, no thank you in Jesus’ name let it be said.” It may take all the strength that is within us to say these words, but once said Satan has been hushed, he gone. It seems to me that at times that is why it is so difficult to say or remember these words. Satan knows God’s promises are valid 100% of the time. The more you exercise obedience, self control, the more your character lines up with that of JESUS. There never will be anyone stronger in character than Jesus. Exercise of this nature (obedience to God, holding on to God’s promises, proclaiming His promises) is good, but one must persistently exercise them to keep are lives (gardens) filled with character honoring the King of Kings (Jesus). We may not always get it right but with The HOLY SPIRIT, The Word, God, and others we will go forward in a self controlled life worthy to be called Child of God.

  11. What interesting communications and thoughts to ponder.

    I find a lot said about controlling our mouths, which most of us understand and know is biblical and right. But, my thought today is, does one do more harm in saying nothing than saying something?

    If you know to do right and not do it, Is it sin?

    Sin( Any thought, word, action, omission, or desire contrary to the law of God.)

    I just did a word study of right, things may seem right to me but not to God. Right/obedience/sin are all making me turn over in the frying pan like bacon grease on fire.

    I have always known Albert Einstein was way beyond my comprehension and I know it even more today…..Only hope I have to help my brain may just be a good cup of TEA!

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