Do you like M&M’s?
Which kind do you like best?
OK, we all understand test/exams, don’t we? First comes the guidelines for the exam and then the questions.

Our guidelines:

Don’t click to second page if you do not want to take the test of M&M’s.
Don’t read the questions and then research or check with another either in person or their answers before you answer.
Don’t read and then come back to answer. If you don’t have a few minutes to answer then come back later when you have time before you read the questions.

If you are an M&M lover then click, read, and answer.

Do you know the difference between Motivation and Manipulation?
Which one do you prefer in your interpersonal relationships?
Are they Biblical? One of both?

Give us your understanding of M&M’s and how you use them in your interpersonal relationships?

Have you just now been motivated or manipulated? Why do you think this?