Jesus Christ is a gift to the World! He has given great things to the world and we have the potential to fill our hearts with Joy warmth from His stocking. (Psalm 121:3)

He has given us gifts of sparkling wine that bubbles with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness when poured into our heart goblet. (Galatians. 5:22)

Our mailboxes are stuffed with gifts from The Giver of Life. He has given each of us gifts and talents with instructions to not neglect our gift(s). (I Timothy 4:14) He knows our zip code and we should know, understand and develop our strength zones.


Gift-giving is a connector to another. So just what does your Christmas Shopping List look like? Do your thoughts, your time, and your money that goes into deciding and giving your gifts to one of your life- connectors have meaning to you? Or, will you even understand and know just how you connected yourself to the gift recipient. What part of Christ in you was given to your life-connector? The instructions in the scriptures say, “give yourself to your gifts.” Gift giving and gift receiving will determine in part your divine destiny.

When you receive a gift from another, do you feel the vibes of the Holy Spirit’s power that was at work on your behalf? Or do you feel the vibes of the giver’s unhealthy emotions being transferred to you? Our gifts to another should come from our healthy emotions so the gift will connect to their health and together we both receive the abundant blessings God has for us. Our ‘gift relationships’, which is our ‘life- connector’, will and always speaks through our gift-giving and gift receiving.

I love GIFTS! I love giving Gifts and I love receiving Gifts. I love the Gift, Jesus Christ, and I love the Gifts He has given me and continues to give me. I have many very special gifts He has given me that are power-packed and run smoothly without AAA batteries. The gift of eternal life, love, joy, peace, forgiveness and happiness are just a few among the many gifts he has given me. I really enjoy my relationship with Jesus Christ. I love my fellowship with Him and His friends which include many of you. I have many gifts that are too numerous to name from His friends to me making them connectors to me. And, I am in love with my ‘special friendship’ with Him. I also love my friendship with the ones He has connected to me through ‘The Gift.’

Gift-Giving is about relationships. When we have a relationship with God, He invites us to develop our relationship by Faith with His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Son, Jesus Christ, introduces us to our life-coach, the Holy Spirit. We meet friends of God’s through our churches and other gatherings prepared for our giving and receiving of gifts.

Then, our gift-giving, life-connectors really begin. Our destiny begins to show through the gifts we give and receive. Are you able to enjoy and utilize the gifts others give you? Do you first seek the Kingdom of God and His ideas for your gift-giving? Therefore, giving greater, more interesting and vibrant gifts to others? (Matthew 6:33) “…seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

My prayer for today is that we will be successful in gift-giving. That we will give gifts to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ out of our healthy emotions. The gifts we receive from others will be so life-connecting that if we suffer from any unhealthy emotions we will be healed from the gift of another. Our gift giving will bring mental, emotional and spiritual health to the ones we give gifts to. As we give gifts to children and others on behalf of Santa, may they come from a healthy heart and not from unhealthy and unresolved emotions from our past. May we not hand down from generation to generation sickness and addictions vs. health and freedom.

What does your gift-giving say about you? What does a gift from another say about your relationship with them? Be a gift to another!