I awoke this morning to a brand New Year and thought to ask the Lord for something relevant to think, to say, to do, to write, to strive for; something profound, something NEW for 2008 to lubricate the ensuing, abrasive tides of the worldly pull. Something to fill the leaking out of the revelry and the warm, glittering glow of the just-passed Christmas season. The reality of frost and snow, the doldrums of a l-o-n-g Wintry season tried to assert itself over my thoughts, even as the strains of the last Christmas carol fades from the scene.

“Give me something, Lord,” I prayed, asking for His thoughts, for something from Holy Spirit to contemplate for a quickly waning anticipation. “What could I write, what could I say for this New Year?”

When I finally listened, He spoke these words into my being, “IN THE BEGINNING…”
Yes! Thank You Lord, for the Alpha that is YOU, the Beginning, my Beginning, our Beginning. BEGINNING is a Person. Beginning is the Word of God. Beginning is another chance to advance Your Kingdom. Could I do that, this year? Will this be the year that selfishness and preoccupation with “other” things wane in my life and I am consumed with the ministry of the Gospel? Is this the year that boldness rises within my soul and any fears are set to flight? Is this the year when I will ultimately make choices based on their impact upon the building up of the Kingdom of God?

God has done His part. We have “opened (received) the Christmas Gift of God…the coming of the Messiah. Now what am I going to do with this Great Christmas Gift, this year? Will I “tumble-weed” through the year (as Sara has written) or will I follow the directions on the label, the Word of God?
I, (WE) have another chance….a vast set of days, weeks, months, A YEAR!!, to accomplish great things for the Glory of God. WILL I do it?

As the old hymn says, “I am determined to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.”
And so, when I will look back on the year 2008, at the end of the this coming year, I am determined to see that my ALPHA and OMEGA are the same. It’s Christ in us, the Hope of Glory, all year long.
Thank you, Lord, for a new Beginning…a renewed Beginning of love & new determination and resolve, diligence and perseverance. Now, BEGIN!