I saw Jesus, today! I followed Him down dusty pathways, through steamy market places, across sandy dunes, over a raging sea and through waving wheat fields. Oh, I wasn’t the only one, but it felt as though it were just He and I.

And as we were walking toward a little town, Nain I think, is the name, here comes a funeral procession. A young man had suffered an UNTIMELY death leaving his poor, widowed mother all alone . Oh, the anguish on her face as she trudged alongside the bier. I looked at Jesus to see what He would do and I saw the compassion well up in His eyes and He went over and touched the bier. To my astonishment, the young man slowly sat up right in front of our whole crowd. We were filled with amazement as Jesus gave the young man back to his mother. No words can describe the joy on her face as she held her son in her arms. All I wanted to do was kiss His feet out of sheer reverence and adoration for such supernatural, compassionate work of this amazing Man.

Oh, there was a really scary thing we went through a little later. We were on a small ship crossing a large lake and Jesus fell asleep on the side of the boat. All of a sudden a tsunami rose up over the lake and I was sure we “goners” as our boat filled with water. Then I saw Jesus get up His nap, raising one hand He told the winds to stop. And they did. Wow! What authority, what command! I wanted to fall at His feet and worship Him.
You should see what happened later on. Ten, TEN!!! leprous men came toward Him. Jesus was not offended, afraid or repulsed. I was even amazed at the virtue in Him. But what He did touched me heart so greatly that I longed within to have that love and compassion for humanity that Jesus portrayed that day. I longed to be just like Him. He just spoke to them to be CLEAN and all TEN were completely healed. I saw the wounds and the lesions and the tumors completely disappear from their faces and hands. Gone! My Lord and my God! Their skin was like baby’s skin, clean and clear.

I saw a guy leave a big cash box full of money right at the gate stand of a city…he just left it right there on the table and followed us up the way as Jesus was walking. I mean that is REALLY incredible
Oh, I saw so many miracles, like the little girl that had died and her father and mother were beside themselves with grief. I waited outside while Jesus went in to the room where she lay prepared for burial. People around me were making snide remarks about Jesus’ comment that she was just sleeping. But we KNEW she had died and had been dead for a little while. The mourning, cynical crowd became quite reverent immediately when after Jesus had been in the closed room for just a few minutes, He emerges with the little girl and her parents full of joy and amazement. I know I keep using AMAZEMENT in this commentary but that’s the word for the Work that I saw done, today.

There’s so much more that I saw today. People delivered from wicked, evil demons and restored. The restorations that I witnessed. People were sent back to families to live productive, God-fearing lives. Families saved and reunited by one compassionate Son of God with Whom I walked, today.

Oh, I just want to worship Him. I want to do all the things He talked about that his Father showed Him. I want to keep His Words and I want to walk the way He and I walked today. I want to walk with Him every day.

This is the day that the Lord hath made. And I will be seeing Jesus ,tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see what marvelous works and Kingdom acts He is going to do…..and he can’t wait to see MINE!