Happy Birthday Needles

We bless you today, Tammy. We thank you for timely wisdom that you give us daily as you use the beautiful gift of encouragement that God has given you for each of us and you are obedient to write here daily to encourage us. The gift of encouragement God has given you in words are like His when they come through a vessel/servant like yourself.

May you see God smile on you and your family today. See and hear His laughter in the reflection of these wind air balloons each and everyday as they fly over your little southern village to bless you and smile on you and yours.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Needles

  1. Dear Needles, I join in wishing you a very joyous Happy Birthday!

    I think of you as truly one of the recognized February birthday flowers, the violet which symbolizes, among other things, faithfulness and humility.
    Violets signal that spring has arrived and that a long and often difficult winter is over. Violets are enduring, tenaciously holding their ground throughout the years, refusing to give up, coming back to welcome us each season. Their blue color reminds us to direct our gaze and thoughts heavenward. And never one to show-off, the violet bows low to the ground and is content to stay close under the shadow of its heart-shaped leaves. Not a loner, it breeds others like itself, spreading loveliness and its timeless fragrance throughout the woodland setting.

    Thank you for blessing all of us here at The Daily Lily with your violet qualities. May you be blessed this birthday year and always.

  2. For Tammy’s Birthday: the 21st Psalm Ps. 21:1-7
    Tammy shall joy in the Your strength, O Lord, and in Your salvation; how grealy shall she rejoice! You have given her her heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of her lips For You send blessings of good things to meet her. You set a spiritual crown of pure gold upon her head. She has asked life of You and You have given it to her….long life forever and evermore. Her glory is great and her anointing because of You, Lord. She is the Bride of Christ with splendor and majesty that You bestow upon her. For You make her to be blessed and to be a blessing forever. You make her exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence in her life. For Tammy trusts, relies on and is confident in the Lord and through His mercies and steadfast love of the Most High she shall not be moved.
    Blessings and honor are hers because she serves the most High God. Happy and most blessed birthday of all.

  3. “Thank you” seems like such small words; for such love, that has been illustrated here……..just for me?!?! But I’m gona say it anyway……”THANK YOU”, from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Needles, I just wanted to say once again….Happy Birthday to you….may God continue to shine brightly through all you do this year ….dj

  5. Needles, I’d like to take a minute to wish you a very Happy Birthday. You are a very special woman with lots to offer. With age comes life experiences and wisdom. Another year older, another year wiser. Thank you for all you do. You are a very special friend. Happy Birthday.

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