Almighty God, creator and sustainer of all things, we praise you and honor your name.

We thank you that you have allowed us to live in a nation of peaceable government. That we have a quiet change of officers. We ask you for the continuance of this process.

As we change officials of the nation, we ask you to continually bless President Bush, his wife, Laura, and family as they humbly step aside and return to citizen life. We ask for their health, of soul and body as they transition to another phase of life.

We pray for President-elect Obama, his wife and children as they step into new roles. we pray for their protection from evil in all forms.

We ask you to establish his presidency in Christianity and righteousness, protect him from evil counsel, make him a blessed instrument for the protection and the propagation of the gospel. Make him a protecter of all who do well and terror to all who do evil. We ask that you would surround him with wise counselors.

We pray for Congress and the House of Representatives that you would fill them and influence them by your Holy Spirit, that they would live lives of examples, that they be sober, just, peaceable, and gracious in their lives, sound, faithful and powerful in their ministry striving for the good of your kingdom and for this nation.

We pray for all the people to be the President’s advisors, that they would be influenced by your Holy Spirit and they would be exemplary leaders and servants of the departments of government of which they are responsible.

In any and all of the leaders for which we pray, terrify them by your Spirit to do no evil and encourage them by your presence to do good.

Enable us as citizens in this free land to do our duty and to pray for all who carry the responsibility of leadership and service be they elected or hired officials.

As we pray for these temporal leaders, help your people to pray for the coming of your Eternal Kingdom. May we live by the rules and responsibilities of your kingdom as those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus from the kingdom of Satan and have been adopted as sons and daughters of God. Amen