I have been reading a birthday present that Sara had given me, entitled, ‘Lessons I Learned in The Light’ by Jennifer Rothschild. Author Rothschild has been blind since age 15 but her in-SIGHT is tremendous. She is really NOT in the dark as she has relied on Jesus, literally, for her SIGHT and LIGHT.
One of many revelations that she has shared in her book, that really spoke to me, concerns an incident where she unilaterally made a decision to get rid of a piece of equipment in her home that really belonged to her husband, without his knowledge or permission, because she wanted it OUT!! She later tells us that it was good that she got rid of that piece of equipment, not because of the extra storage room it freed up, but because she discovered what a truth it exposed about herself

…”an unbridled will”. “Unbridled volition screams to the world, “My way or the Highway…I will because I can…I’d rather ask for forgiveness than ask permission.” She teaches that meekness asks permission, but an out-of-control ‘control-freak’ imposes one’s own will and then when the wasted energy, frustration and confusion breaks out from an unbridled action, then the forgiveness has to be sought and much time to repair all the resulting damage to a relationship or a possession or whatever the object of the arrogant decision/action.
In Beth Moore’s Bible Study on LIVING BEYOND YOURSELF…studying the fruit of the Holy Spirit, she describes the 8th quality of the fruit of the Holy Spirit as Sacrificial Submission, that is, meekness, among other descriptions of the fruit, KINDNESS. That is NOT imposing of self will upon others, but a surrender to God’s will and submission to one another in love and respect.
There are many life examples that Jennifer Rothschild describes in her excellent book. Much of the teaching we receive at thedailylily.org are reinforced by these candid and real life examples. Great book!