This is a quote from Robert J. Morgan’s book RED SEA RULES:
At the Red Sea, God put His people in a position where His presence had never been so real to them. Using difficulty, He cultivated within them a greater appreciation of Himself than ever before. As one commentator put it, ‘God’s presence in the trial is much better than EXEMPTION from the trial. The Lord’s presence is never so sweet as in moments of appalling difficulty.”

As I read this I wondered if we, that is to say I, recognize the sweetness of His presence when I come up against adversity, great or small. Sara taught this morning that we should be so sensitive to the “SUDDENLIES” that the Lord brings into our lives, unannounced, (paraphrased). She pointed out that we should be aware, always of the unpredictable moments and episodes, even brief ones, that we suddenly might see and identify the presence and the work of the Lord in that situation or circumstance.
It would do us all well, to heed the teachings about God’s SUDDENLIES that both Sara and Joel Osteen have spoken about.

When situations seem insurmountable or void of any appearance of change, then we should seek the presence, look for the sweet presence of a godly visitation, a stroke of a miracle, a touch of the divine in the situation…to recognize it and to identify it as the presence and “SUDDENELY” of the Lord. We should always abide in HOPE and stay in FAITH to receive the answer in whatever way the Lord chooses to send it. And then to praise and worship Him for it.
Robert Morgan says , ‘In the 17th century John Trapp wrote this; ” God loans out His mercies to us for the rent of our praise, that we might have the benefit of them and He may have the GLORY!”
I hope to stay in Hope and Faith that when the suddenlies come, I will discern and Praise and thank Him for the work and touch of the Lord and His miracle working power.