Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day where we honor all uniformed service personnel serving in all capacities; those who are now serving and those who have passed on. My students will be presenting a patriotic performance of songs and instrumentals and an honoring service for their families, friends and neighbors who have served in the military.
We have rehearsed and practiced our speeches and our songs and we, the teachers, have spoken to our students about what a great opportunity it is for them to be able to honor these brave men and women. My prayer is that this experience will forever instill in their young hearts an attitude of gratitude for the people who serve our nation in uniform, putting themselves in harm’s way for a cause greater than each indiviual but for the greater good, namely the freedom that we and our students enjoy, now.

Every year that we have done this program I see a new realization in our children as they present their little certificates of appreciation and give accounts of each military personnel’s records and feats. And each year, I am renewed in my resolve to pray for our service people, for their safety, for their families and for those who have suffered debilitating injuries and their efforts to lead a life that is somewhat normal in the nation for whose freedom they have sacrificed.
May God bless our veterans. May God open the eyes of our students and give them a heart of appreciation for our military personnel, here and in the fields where they serve.

5 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. May our Veterans be honored and shown much appreciation today across our nation for their dedication and service. I join in thanking them and asking God to bless them, and care for them and their families.

  2. Hope your show goes great today! Did you get to use Noah’s essay? Great day for Noah to be honored since it is his Birthday.

    Blessings to all Veterans and to Noah, Happy Birthday.

  3. At our Veterans Day celebration Noah’s award winning essay on Veteran’s Day appeared in the lobby of our school in a a display on the lobby stage, along with a field organ (WWII) camouflage, uniforms, combat boots and pictures of military men in uniform. We also displayed Noah’s essay in the auditorium where the program took place. Our I.T. photographer, Mrs. Batty, took pictures of Noah’s literary work and promised to send it to me. I will make sure you all see Noah’s efforts, a 4th grader in NC joined with my 4th graders at Bonnie Brae Elementary in VA. in respectful honor of our wonderful veterans.
    The program was excellent. The children were wonderful. Their parents were delighted and the military personnel very touched by the children’s sincere tribute to them
    Thanks, Noah, for being a part with me and my students by your fine contribution. What a wonderful testimony to you, on your special day, too. Your birthday! Happy and blessed birthday, Noah!!

  4. May we continue to remember those who serve this great nation of ours every day.
    We ask that the Lord be with each soldier. May the Lord place his arm around each one, directing their steps. I recently saw a you-tube that really touched me. entitled PLEASE REMEMBER ME.

    May we remember our troops who are around the world in prayer.

  5. MG, thank you for the hard work you did for our soliders and veterans. Noah was extremely excited and honored to be a part of your program. Thank for all you and the other beautiful teachers do for the children. They are our future soliders, teachers, nurses, ect. God bless our soldiers and veterans.

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