What are you expecting to happen during the upcoming holidays? Or, even today?
Do you live in the big world of Expectations?
I have found that expectations have the innate ability to blindside hope in my life, relationships, and enjoyment.

So often I spend quality time on feeding my ideas of expectations on you, food, things, and me. I end up highly disappointed. When one takes into their being a cocktail of expectations mixed with disappointments they usually become toxic with criticism. Why? Because our expectations have not been met.

So, you might ask, what is the antidote for expectations? As Bob Dylan sings, “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…” The wind of freedom of exchange. Expectations exchanged for Expectancy.

When I live in a state of Expectancy good things begin to happen. I have given my mind white space to write another’s story. The real person stands to the forefront. I have the ability to dialogue, learn, and explore more of God’s creations from a different viewing angle.

I have come to believe that we can all build mountains of expectations without any effort. But, expectancy is an art, a craft, a skill and it takes practice and work to obtain this virtue.

As we approach the Holidays with great expectancies we are leaving room in our Faith for God to show up with His paintbrush and palette of rainbow colors and brushstroke every divine color on our canvas of expectancy.

expectancy in your heart as you go out to meet the world and all of God’s creations. Happy Holidays!