This morning I was reading from David Teems, one of my very favorite author’s devotional for the day, TO LOVE IS CHRIST. We Lilies had been comtemplating the wonder and incalculable goodness and wisdom of God and what He has done in just the past day or two, for us, not even to mention all through the years. His faithfulness to us is mind boggling considering the straits we get ourselves into at times. Yet His rescue is certain when we call upon Him and trust in Him.

David wrote this for today and it spoke to my heart. “Lord I have learned to trust so little in this world. I hold myself suspect to manipulate my world around me, to discern it accurately and to break it down to its more definable and recogognizable parts. Without YOU I am maddened with incertitude” and he goes on to write…”I am only beginning to walk a path of trust and altho I cannot say with certainty that I can trust (always) by reason of this mortality that doubts, I know I can TRUST YOU. You have made me kinsman, no less Your child. May innocence be in me to trust like YOUR CHILD.” And I love this part particularly, “which like an embossed coin may carry this oath, ‘IN GOD I TRUST’. May God be….your Coin of Exchange in this world of broken men.” Amen!
As we begin to really see and acknowledge God’s movement in our lives, His orchestration and arranging step which He has planned for us before the beginning of time, we are awed and humbled. When we trust & obey His His cues, He does wondrous things in our lives. He plays us like a lyre, a harp, a musical instrument of His compositions, an Orchestral Conductor, cueing each section of His orchestra for entrance and exit, for the coloring of muscial phrases, for the overature and untimately for the GRAND FINALE. Let us allow Him to be our Maestro and make beautiful music out of us.