I have just recently resigned from teaching as an elementary school teacher. And, being of early retirement age, I think of the promise to God that I made so many years ago that if I were blessed with a teaching position, that I would not forget Him financially. I promised I would tithe and give gifts unto the ministry I worked with, as well as others. I would see that the teachers were blessed by my giving.   I have been blessed over and over again and God has met my every need.  I have enjoyed giving for the last 18 years as I taught in the public school system.  I never looked back and thought I could have poured that money into whatever materialist item I wanted, just a few.

With the pouring out, God poured into me health and an ability to work.  Now with resigning, I am faced with a new dilemma.  How do I give, when money will not be coming in as it has in the past? In the last three years I have had the opportunity to teach in a very prosperous county that pays its teachers very well. I have loved giving into ministries and my church. I have so enjoyed and benefited from the daily lily summer retreats I have helped to sponsor both with my time and finances.  I can’t write a check on a joint account for ministry.  That has been totally my thing and my love and from my account.

I will be attending a ministry in St. Louis in a few weeks that I have loved and been a part of for many years. This Teacher(s) has travelled the world for Jesus Christ. They are building and making meeting places for God’s children to gather, she needs our finances as well. 

Ministry will go on, I hope, and I must walk on faith’s highway and look for other opportunities to make money so the pastors/teachers who have so enriched my life with the Word of God can continue to minister.  The truth is that our spiritual teachers cannot live in today’s world with out finances. We can’t and they can’t.  Many times have spiritual leaders counseled with me in the valleys of my life and have encouraged me with the Word of God how to stand and with stand with Jesus at the helm of my boat, which has from time to time been on  very stormy waters.  Should they the teachers not be paid, of course, they should!  I wonder how I can give to them now.  My love of the arts is affected.  Where will the money come from for the materials?  Art cost money and sometimes lots of it.  Now what do I do?  Retreats cost lots of money.  Even a retreat home incurs the same expenses as a home –upkeep, cleaning, taxes, electrical and water bills, cost of teaching items and payment of the teacher for time and preparation of materials. etc.  If I can pick up a job or two, how long could I do it?  Will there be others for the sake of the ministry desire to see the ministry thrive give of time and money.  I heard the saying long ago of forever taking and never giving.  If that be the case the ministries we all love would die. I don’t want to do that!

Perhaps God will give me a new job.  My books haven’t sold and yet I have hope.  I have hope that the students I have taught will be writers and perhaps pour back into a ministry somewhere.  Hopefully they will join some that I am involved with.  I have hope that God will continue to raise up Theophilus’s and wealthy women like in Jesus’s time who will pour financially into Jesus centered ministries.

 Perhaps I need a sweet spot to open in my life, even now at my age that will enable me to give even more.  Or perhaps God has a Theophilus and wealthy women like Jesus and Paul had who are lovers of God come and pour in.  Come quickly Theophiluses we need you!

I covet your prayers for the next season of my life as I pray for each of you.