I prayed today:

I pray for excellent teachers of character and grace for our personal communities, our Nation, the USA and the Nations of the World. I pray for our school system and all that enter her halls. I think of the children in war torn nations that are going to school but danger of life linger over their lives; Dear Heavenly Father, may safety of heavenly angels hover over theirs bodies, minds and spirits.

As I look out from my calendar window and meditate I am reminded with flames of hope how we that live in the USA will celebrate our freedom with fireworks in just a few days! Yes, July 4, marks another reminder of how blessed we in the USA are. May our hearts be so aflame that hearts will ignite with an eternal light that burns through heartless days and mourning nights. May ‘drones of mercy’ fly for protection and not destruction as we come into unity of hearts and minds.

I pray for my Nation to be at peace with You and with other Nations. I pray for peace throughout the world. I ask for mercy for those that are suffering from the results of wars. I look unto You, God, for illumination for healing and restoration. I ask for wisdom for American and her part in the wars of many nations. Give wisdom to our leaders from each branch of government and armed forces. Give wisdom to all that walk her halls. O, God, pour out Your mercy beyond my call and my thoughts. Let freedom ring for all, I pray.

I know that all that seek You will surely find You and I seek You in levels and stages beyond my small talk and day. I look with hope at faces both near and dear and yet those so far away and seem not so dear, I still hope and believe someway You bless all from Your wisdom and not my limited feeble words prayed from a heart that is not real clear. Please look beyond me, O Lord, I pray!

7 thoughts on “I prayed today:

  1. Amen, Sara. I agree with that prayer for our nation. Proverbs says, ‘blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD.” We began our nation with the Lord God as our GOD. His name is written on the walls of the buildings of Justice in our capitol city; His name is on our currency; His name is shining forth in our Bill of Rights and our glorious CONSTITUTION contains His name and references to His liberty and freedom.
    May He Who has begun a good work in us, the children of God in this nation and across the globe, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ; Who will also confirm us to the end, blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ and that we may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ.

  2. Thank you Sara for articulating and writing so expressively this prayer that I and others can join in on and pray aloud and say amen to. I believe God will answer it.

  3. Amen, Sara. I’m in agreement with this awesome prayer. I pray for all the children, for all the teachers, for all the schools. I pray that God touches each and everyone. I pray for a safe environment that is suitable for learning. Thank you teachers and others who make learning possible. God bless the children; the future of tomorrow.

  4. OH! Praise God and thanks to each of you that join me in praying for our children and the children of the world. Also, for our Nation and the Nation of the World. I am so happy, so very happy to have others that share in this Joy given to us by the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

    A big thank you from me. Pause and think what the face of Jesus must look like when He says to The Father, look at those girls on fire for your children!

  5. Yes, Lord, please be with all our troops and their families. I pray; especially, for the leaders of this country, give them wisdom, cause them to look to You, for their answers and direction. I pray for mercy, for this nation and other nations. I pray a special blessing, for the teachers, parents, and children, of the world. Help us Lord, to seek You and Your will. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  6. I Amen Needles prayer also.
    And Lord there are children in the world going to bed hungry tonight, hurting and lonely. Many are sick or wounded and need a healing touch from You. Please be gracious and merciful to them and pour your love and compassion out in a special way so that they will know You and know that You care for them.

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