It seems for the last few weeks my heart and mind has been routinely visiting the thought of evangelism. How can I be more effective in today’s times by using the gifts and talents that God has given me. I have had a very rewarding summer with family and friends. I have been blessed to attend a spiritual retreat hosted and taught by this spiritual website that I am a daily part of. Also, attending Wednesday Bible Studies at my local church with my family. As well as a summer camp meeting with morning and night services for almost a week. We even had the opportunity at both the retreat and camp to enjoy sharing meals in fellowship time. How blessed I have been. But, the question still lingers in my mind, ‘how can I improve my skill of blessing others with spiritual food?

The Holy Spirit has been so faithful yet gentle with me through my journey of thought. I have tried to respond likewise. I had a very interesting encouraging experience this week.

I don’t routinely buy the local weekly newspaper, but for some reason, I picked one up yesterday, The Chowan Herald, and before I went to bed last night, I saw the community section, with a bold title: “Cash For Scripture Puts Word in Heart”, and a picture of the gentleman the article was about. I would like to share some of the inserts from the article.

“Jim Leggett loves to share the Word of God. On many Saturday mornings he can be found in the parking lot outside McDonald’s in Edenton doing just that. Leggett offers a $40 Food Lion gift certificate to anyone who can recite two verses of Scripture from memory. Response has been slight so far, Leggett said, but he’s not giving up. I like to think of this as a spiritual stimulus, said Leggett. I believe the majority of Americans have a Bible in their homes, Leggett said, but I sometimes wonder how often they read it and make what it says a part of their daily lives. That’s what I’m trying to encourage them to do. By encouraging someone to recite Scripture, Leggett figures he helps that person keep God’s Word in their heart.” The article ends with this paragraph: “I intend to keep on doing it, Leggett said, despite the slow response so far. I think it’s the right thing to do.”

Thank you, Mr. Leggett, for your faithful persistent faith in action; and, The Chowan Herald for publishing this story. I, too, intend to keep on posting on the Word of The Lord and staying faithful with my gifts and talents despite the slow response, and, I stand with Mr. Jim Leggett, I think it’s the right thing to do!

What about you?