As the glory of a pastel summer fades into the brilliance of Autumnal colors, spicy scents, bright flora and fauna, the clang of school bells ( or should I say electronic beeps) beckons our ‘hope for tomorrow’, our youth, back to the classroom, the smart board and the computer labs of American Schools all across our land. And, of course, the teachers must go, too!

In our back-to-school meetings before classes resume, teachers, staff and administrators gather for the dissemination of a myriad of information, including new technological advances in the classrooms and the courses we will have to take to “catch up”. Also, how to administer life-saving shots for various things that afflict our students, allergies, etc. But one of the fun things we also do is to share our summer experiences and oooh and aaah over one another’s adventures.
Our principal had decided to give us homework and to bring it with us on our first day of staff meetings. We were to bring a picture of our refrigerators AND to wear something that depicts what we did during our summer hiatus. In a quandary of how to illustrate my chock-full travels and experiences this summer , with Sara’s suggestions I took my apron that we had made in our retreat a couple of years ago and on each pocket attached a pic of each of my activities. The pictures speak for themselves and lend meaning to the background of the cleverly created apron which, by the way, was a hit, when I arrived at school sporting my “activity apron”, so to speak

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