As the glory of a pastel summer fades into the brilliance of Autumnal colors, spicy scents, bright flora and fauna, the clang of school bells ( or should I say electronic beeps) beckons our ‘hope for tomorrow’, our youth, back to the classroom, the smart board and the computer labs of American Schools all across our land. And, of course, the teachers must go, too!

In our back-to-school meetings before classes resume, teachers, staff and administrators gather for the dissemination of a myriad of information, including new technological advances in the classrooms and the courses we will have to take to “catch up”. Also, how to administer life-saving shots for various things that afflict our students, allergies, etc. But one of the fun things we also do is to share our summer experiences and oooh and aaah over one another’s adventures.
Our principal had decided to give us homework and to bring it with us on our first day of staff meetings. We were to bring a picture of our refrigerators AND to wear something that depicts what we did during our summer hiatus. In a quandary of how to illustrate my chock-full travels and experiences this summer , with Sara’s suggestions I took my thedailylily.org apron that we had made in our dailylily.com retreat a couple of years ago and on each pocket attached a pic of each of my activities. The pictures speak for themselves and lend meaning to the background of the cleverly created dailylily.com apron which, by the way, was a hit, when I arrived at school sporting my “activity apron”, so to speak

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  1. Some of the pictures that do not appear in the picture on the apron are: the ARCH of St. Louis where Debi, Rena and I attended a wonderful women’s conference led by Sister Gwen Shaw.
    And there is the picture of the marquee in front of the HAPPY HOME CHURCH in NC where we attended a great revival, tent meeting with Needles and CF. It was a very good Summer and in this September i will remember the marvelous experiences that we had, in the Lord.

  2. We also attended, as seen in the top pictures on the apron, thedailylily.org (led by Sara) annual retreat where we had a glorious time in the Lord and the “play day” picture on the carousel horse.
    The kids at school have nothing on me when it comes to an exciting summer. 🙂

  3. What a great idea of Sara’s to make you and your apron into a living storyboard. Sounds like you had a fun and creative staff meeting.

  4. Sara always has great ideas to showcase who we are in Christ! What a bless summer we had. It would be wonderful to have others enjoy all we learned and had fun serving one another in love. Have a blessed year.!

  5. MG,
    Sara had an excellent idea, for you to even “don” the events you enjoyed this summer. No wonder it was a “hit”!

  6. I must say your apron reprsesents years of your life and those of your closest companions. In church history we see the priest wearing aprons as well as many others skilled in their work.

    A beautiful creative apron indeed, you sport with style. Today aprons are a work of fashion. I see them donned with theme and style to enhance any scheme the imagination can dream. Tailgating @Rekskin park is one on my very favorites.

    Our aprons from thedailylily.org have so many special features. Rena gave the basic apron 5 years ago as a special gift and her creative art skill to set the apron on wheels of dreams with magical art ops. Our friend Dorothy hand painted the logo and she and Rena joined their skill to make our aprons magically talk when each artist expressed their faith through apron art!

  7. Dorothy and I wanted each person who attended the retreats to come away with one unique symbol or theme of the retreat given by Sara. Sara like Mary in the scripture sat before the Lord so many years ago and the Lord poured through her the studies that give depth and stretch us to reach higher in the things of the Lord Jesus Christ. We never just scratch the surface of the scripture. We gather to celebrate Jesus and learn of Him. We go deep, not fed on milk of the word but meat of the word. If anyone wants meat then come be apart of a retreat and we thedailylilies will welcome and serve you and Sara and/or Gary depending on the audience through the HOLY SPIRIT will serve up the meat. You will never go away hungry or thirsty. There will be NO lack or feeling that you just didn’t get what you came for. As Spurgeon says when you come away after sitting before a powerful teachings of Jesus they are stored up and then like a mighty fountain – your talents and energies will shot forth into the world around you.

  8. It’s true, Sara. Our “apron” may be an indication to the world of how we have spent our ‘dash’….that part between the year we were born through the year we leave this earth.
    In my ken, My daddy was a meat-cutter, a butcher, so to speak and he always wore an apron and Sister Grandma had to wash many an apron in Chlorox (T).
    Sis G. wore an apron (shades of ‘LEAVE IT TO BEAVER’) when she worked around the house and another when she cooked the meals. She was always imploring me to put on an apron when I washed the dishes, but of course I was too cool for that! My relatives had grocery stores and meat markets and bakeries and I always remember my aunts & uncles & cousins who worked the shops wearing their aprons.
    But although I refused (mostly) to wear an apron when I washed the dishes, (growing up), I gladly and humbly don the apron that identifies my calling at this time in my life. thedailylily.org apron, to me, is a representation of the Breastplate of Righteousness of Christ Jesus; the Garment of Praise; the Belt of Truth of the Scriptures; the Shield of faith in and of Jesus Christ;
    And as we wait to be clothed upon from on high with our pure white linen I wear my dailylily.com garment with joy as an earnest of the wedding garments that the Lord is preparing for me and for all of us who love His appearing. I imagine I will see this apron in Heaven some day!

  9. Your apron also is serving as a scrapbook, memory book, and photo album for church family. It is like a refreshing spring of water to pause and enjoy the joys of church family.

  10. What an awesome idea, to wear your apron to school.Great way to witness and tell others about the daily lily. The apron speaks memories of precious moments. Thanks for sharing your apron with us MG.

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