When life gets tough with many ups and downs you never expected that life would hold for you, it seems those things you loved in your past, remembrances you might say, seem to warm your heart and are like comfort food to your soul.

One such remembrance for me is when I was little, I grew up on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley is as follows. My Dad raised chickens as one way of making money and had an egg route where he delivered eggs. We would start out early in the morning going through the hills and valleys surrounding our home to bring eggs to each person who had signed up to receive a dozen or so. Dad would lift me onto the medal dash board that extended out on the passenger side, wide enough to sit on, of an old bread truck and we would go from house to house. We greeted people everywhere we would go, and I was given the job to give each person their eggs. Dad would always say, “Now be careful they are breakable.” The people were always happy to see us and would take items from their table – a slice of pie or cake, or a cookie after a warm chat and send us on our way. As a child it seemed that everyone was ready with a dessert. We would see the beauty of the gardens of each home we entered and some people had flowers on china, wall paper, curtains or cupboards.

Another remembrance is as a child I loved Sunday School and my mother was a Sunday School teacher. She would teach her lesson to us throughout the week. She cooked for the field hands and her kitchen was clean and smelled of country cooking (fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy) and a hint of the waxed wooden floors permeated the air. She often made huge bowls of oatmeal cookies, cakes, banana pudding and pies to serve to the field hands and if not them, to family members. She made many a doll for children who needed them and taught many various crafts. She made many a blanket that still warm many to this day. With her hands she loved to labor to bring joy.

As a result I too love anything with a school/Sunday school theme, gardens, and tables. As I reflect on the past I reach out for that comfort food and project through my art and crafts the warmth they have given me. Thus these bring healing for the troubles to the ups and downs of life.
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