Happy to say; The Daily Lily once again was able to reinvest in three different groups. As you know we invested and as the loans are paid back we get to reinvest again. How joyful!
“This is an update on your loan to Misiratkhan’s Group in Kyrgyzstan.
Thanks to you and 33 other Kiva Lenders, the $1,200.00 loan request in Kyrgyzstan has been 100% funded.
This loan will be used for the purpose of: to purchase two sheep for breeding and hire labor for harvesting her crops.”

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Misiratkhan is fifty and married to a farmer. Together with her husband she has raised a son and five daughters. The son is a farmer, two younger daughters work in Russia and the other daughters are married and live separately with their families.

“Misiratkhan farms rice and corn as well as breeding and reselling livestock after fattening them. In this way she earns money to meet the family’s daily needs.

Misiratkhan is the leader of this group. With her portion of this loan she wants to purchase two sheep for breeding and hire labor for harvesting her crops.

In the future Misiratkhan wishes to see her younger daughters get married.”

Second loan to: “The Satya Laksana group got a loan for the 4th time. The number of members is 14 and the total loan amounts to Rp.21,000,000. Having been successful with maintaining one sow, Ni Ketut will use this loan to purchase four types of local pigs for pork. She will maintain them for two months. Any remainder of the loan will be used to fix the cage for the preparation of new deliveries of two sows that she already owns.

The price of pig feed is currently very expensive, but Ni Ketut remains optimistic about her business going forward. With all the benefits she gets, she plans to repair the home and also save for the future of her family.”

Third: “Ogtay is not married and has no children. He lives in the Baku region together with his brother. Ogtay is 31 years old. He has been involved in agriculture and raising chickens for seven years. Currently, he needs 2000 AZN in order to buy chickens for resale. Ogtay learned this business from his uncle, who is also involved in this type of business.”

Let us send our best thoughts and prayers to our three groups as they continue to see their dreams fulfilled.