Thanksgiving Day! Thursday, November, 24, 2011.

Let’s talk about The Evolution of such a given paid holiday to frolic and play! Why do Americans seem to overeat on this day? Why would I rather eat three big fat meals on this Thursday in November than to share a crumb with a starving child or family? Is this the way to thank God for His abundant blessings to me from my planting crops and harvesting its fruit. Hum! Never have planted one.

Turkey, cornucopia, pumpkins, and football? How does this holiday different from any other day for me? Except maybe someone cooks for us. If I have to cook I know where to buy already prepared!

What does Thanksgiving Day mean to me in deeds and, indeeds? Other than lifting a fork to my big mouth to fill my oversized stomach so someone can give me a larger size jean for the next Holiday. BTW, that is Christmas. And, its hardly a month away. So, make them a designer jean. When I fill size—, this year….make sure I get another size next year.

Shopping starts at midnight Thursday night so we can go and buy what we all talked about over turkey. I even heard some stores will open at 10 pm and not wait for the midnight jam.

Thanksgiving Evolution! O, and let’s not forget the Macy’s Day parade. I read this is the 85th anniversary of their parade. How many have I seen?

I always thought, until today, that communities gathered together at a local church for a special “Thanksgiving Service.” Many times in some communities serving families in need a warm meal. Does this happen today? How do we take care for our families without food?

What does Thanksgiving really mean to me?