On this Thanksgiving Day I pray: Father God, thank you for life. This ‘musical composition’ of my life that you have prepared and composed for me, with me in mind from the genesis of time, before the worlds were created. You orchestrated and plotted out the lines and the spaces, the sharps, the flats and the accidental and the clef signs of my life. You wrote your melody upon what would be turned from a heart of stone into a soft and malleable heart….that inescapable love song that no other composer can write; this symphony, this concerto where sometimes I am the solo instrument and in other measures I am accompanied by a host of other players musicians, and must play in tune with them.

I thank You with all my heart that I get to play in the orchestra of life, no longer the conductor of my life but under the DIRECTOIRE CELEBRE JESUS CHRIST, JEHOVAH JESHUA. I thank YOU that You have chosen all the parts of the Orchestra …the mellow Strings, the soothing Winds, yes, and even the Percussion, sometimes abrasive to the ears but oh so necessary to help keep the beat and stay in time with the Great Conductor of the Orchestra of Life.
Sometimes my life has been a FUGUE, a chase! Sometimes it has been Scherzo, fast and furious; sometimes a Bach ‘Invention’….many threads revolving and intertwining.; sometimes Andante and lately becoming ‘Largo’. But I know all these different aspects of the Musical Composition of my life’s story-song are needed to complete the Concerto unto the grand Finale of life, not only for me but for those around me and those in the Orchestral Body of Christ.

I thank You and praise You Father God that I passed my Audition when I accepted Jesus Christ as the Director and Conductor of my symphonic life.
And some day, I pray, that I will get to play in the ANGEL BAND of HEAVEN.
On this Thanksgiving Day and every day of my life, I thank YOU, Father.