*Dr. Elizabeth L. Windsor writes; “As we move into the… holiday seasons of Advent, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, many of us will be attending gatherings of friends and family. This season of being together offers many opportunities for us to share our spiritual stories and to hear (and help) others tell theirs.”

She goes on to say; “Ours is a storytelling God. In God’s Story we find our own and in our own stories, we find God at work in our lives and the lives of those whose lives touch ours. The Acts of the Apostles continue to be written by each person of faith. Your spiritual autobiography is your chapter in the book of The Acts of the Apostles.”

Many of us here on this spiritual daily blog have been practicing within our community and fellowship of believers for the last year or years. Now is the time to express the deeper experiences of the meaning of our faith to others and they to us. Our spiritual journeys are so exciting. I have come to see that as we share our journeys we find new journeys. It keeps the oil in our lamps and our lamps aglow.

My hope is to see and hear many faith stories here as we share Our Holidays’ stories together and hope to help many others tell their stories!

*Dr. Elizabeth L. Windsor is the Director of Christian Education at Sudbury United Methodist Church in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Christian formation throughout the life cycle is both her profession and her passion. She writes about telling our Faith Story;