16 thoughts on “Foot for the Week!

  1. Jesus says, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light”. And since Ps. 68 above says He bears our heavy ones and in return gives us light-hearted and easy yokes and light, easy to be rejoiced over, directional burdens we ought to rejoice, indeed. (THAT MEANS DO IT) and sing the song with gusto:
    Man of Sorrows what a name for the Son of God Who came, ruined sinners to reclaim HALLELUJAH WHAT A SAVIOR!!
    Bearing shame and scoffing rude, in my place condemned He stood sealed my pardon with His blood HALLELUJAH WHAT A SAVIOR!!
    Guilty, vile and helpless we, spotless Lamb of God was He, full atonement can it be? HALLELUJAH WHAT A SAVIOR!!
    Lifted up was he to die It is finished was His cry; Now in heaven exalted high HALLELUJAH WHAT A SAVIOR!!
    When He comes, our glorious King; all His ransomed home to bring, then anew this song we’ll sing, HALLELUJAH WHAT A SAVIOR!!

  2. Yes, my voice joins with the chorus’ around the world, O what a savior! How does one make their foot journey without a helper that is capable of bearing their burdens?

    Some days can be long, hard and treacherous but Our Savior Knows the way for our feet to go and sets a light on our path. Daily carrying our burdens. What a thought!

  3. Bear: “To carry from one place to another; transport.” And then thinking on the blog title, “Foot for the Week!”
    I picture our Savior walking on foot throughout the week carrying our burdens…emotional spiritual, physical. Caring enough to understand us and carry us.

  4. Remember “Footprints In The Sand,”
     “The times when you have
       seen only one set of footprints,
        is when I carried you.”
    Mary Stevenson


  5. Say, Sara, that makes me think….that the Psalm you quoted says..”WHO DAILY BEARS OUR BURDENS” coupled with the famous FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND story….ME, MYSELF & I …is & am the BURDEN that JESUS CHRIST CARRIES DAILY….not just my problems, trials, temptations, testings, but ME MYSELF AND I. He carries ME every day….through rough waters, fiery trials big-time temptations and challenges to my self-control. In my case, there’re usually one set of footprints…oh…with maybe with several Shepherd’s crook mark in the sand where I jumped out of His arms and He had to reel me back in with HIS ROD.

  6. Gee MG, with your thinking we are a burden each and everyday to God. First, I laughed. Then I thought most likely possible!

    OK, His burden is light…is ours? So, what about your first comment?

  7. Well, God said it Himself in His Word….”Who daily bears our burdens…”
    His burden that He passes to us…that is to love one another…whether we think the other deserves it or not…to do the right thing even if our flesh wants to do something else….And the Yoke He places gently around our necks is easy to bear and wholesome…and He is Yoked with us so that makes it so very much easier on us.
    BUT YOUR QUESTION was, of course spiritually insightful….as usual…
    So the burden He bears for us or that is us, ourselves , might be the burden that we bring upon ourselves…messing around with things that are not conducive to the set apart life….family, friends, that have no interest in the Lord; addictions that we hate to give up or have such difficulty giving up; habits that are not holy ones. All these HE will bear for us if we will give them up to Him and we take His yoke of holy ways and holy paths and right living, doing the right thing. Jesus can “take care” of all those things that so easily beset us if we take His directional yoke and burden of unconditional love and run with it.

  8. One way I think Jesus daily bears our burdens is by praying for us. To think we are loved so much that we are being carried in prayer by the Lord. “Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.”Romans 8:34 NIV

  9. A daily burden bearer that handles my sins and mistakes;

    “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9, NKJV

    Do you ever just sit by the fireplace, mountain view or ocean and say “Wow, because of the blood of Jesus which cleanses me from all unrighteousness I belong to a new family! Jesus gave me a new Father, Brother and a connector to The Holy Spirit that affords me a family full of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Piles my dinner plate with low cal but high energy nutriments of love, peace and joy that makes me tingle with a thrill.”

    Bring out the jingle bells and invite others to dinner!

  10. “who daily bears our burdens”…………..1 Peter 5:7 says: (KJV) “casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you.”

  11. While studying Beth Moore, Jesus the One and Only, I was touched by the account of a widow who had just lost her only son. In Luke 7: 13, …Jesus says to the lady,
    “Don’t cry.” Beth states that Jesus was the only one who had the authority to do
    anything about her son’s death. Jesus really meant it “Don’t cry because your Lord is here to do something about it.” I wonder how often Jesus sees us hauling all the heavy burdens of life or just curled up underneath them to the point of almost suffocating us and He sees – He says, “Don’t cry.” If only we would or could listen to His voice.

  12. Occasionally I have heard a preacher or a teacher of the Word say that we Christians take our burdens to the Lord in prayer and place them there. We ‘virtually’ lay them down at the altar of mercy and plead and cry out to the Lord to take this “cup’ away or do something about our plight. We intercede and boo-hoo over our burdens. And then, when prayer time is over we PICK THEM BACK UP and strap them on like a student’s backpack and off we go with our burdens in tact and hauling them around again; rehashing with friends and family our predicaments and woes.
    And all the time Jesus is saying, ‘Cast your cares on ME’. Take them to the altar and LEAVE them there. I will release you from them in the appropriate time. Just trust Me.
    Like Peter said to Jesus when Jesus asked them were they planning on leaving Him, too, as other disciples had. Peter said…”where would we go Lord? You have the Words of life.” The same can be said of these cares we carry around. Where else would we go but to the only ONE Who can do anything about our impossible situation? Jesus Christ the Messiah.

  13. I am reading the Message Bible and in Galatians 5, Paul writes about the reasons we have problems and worries and cares and strife. He writes (paraphrased)
    “It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get our own way, all the time. instead of walking in the Spirit.; repetitive, loveless, cheap love affairs; mental and emotional garbage; frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness & accumulation; magic-show religion; paranoid loneliness; cut-throat competition; all consuming yet never satisfied desires; a brutal temper; divided homes; lopsided pursuits uncontrolled addictions; ugly parodies of ‘community’. Paul says he could go on and on. He is speaking to the those who proclaim Christ as their Savior.
    But the life of the Spirit in Christ Jesus should look like this! Affection and preeminence for others; compassion of heart; non-fluctuating commitment to persons and promises; serenity to know Christ is all in all and taking care of all; exuberance for life. These are the trademarks of those who daily walk by the direction of the Holy Spirit.
    Oh that we would heed Christ’s teachings as put forth by Paul in Galatians and take a good look at ourselves.
    Sara wrote in one of her books about the “reflecting pool”. There it is in Galatians. Ouch!!!

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