Snow, sleet, high winds, tornadoes and rain in many places. A great day for Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Praise and much Prayer! Many have to be on the roads for our health and safety. And, many of us have the rare option of taking extra time to commune with Our Creator.

Fiscal Cliff is back headlining the news. News is just that; much division, sorrow and woe from every corner of the world. I seem to remember somewhere in my past there was a news read called; The Good News. 

Let us see if on this so called; dark, depressed day, December 26, 2012, when magic left and reality set in we can make our headlines by sharing; “The Good News!”

Not our brag power of gifts and babies, kids and movies, family and friends, money and power, but the power of The Good News. Or, is it so ancient that it has run out of power like an old broken toy? Fun to look at and enjoy but not the modern day hype like our iPhones, iPads and other gadgets galore. 

What story have we left to tell?