Chef MG


Baked Ziti! Chef MG!

Have you ever had ham, turkey and all the trimmings until you dreamed that you were transported to another venue? I have! Baked Ziti; I thought I was in Italy! Key Lima Pie; I thought I was in Florida! Jello Mold; thought I was in NC! Sparking Wine; I really began to think I was in France.

One of our special Daily Lily Writers sure knows how to make a heart leap with joy @the aroma from her oven, fingers on her piano keys and many other gifts as she teaches her school children how to sing, act and share.

Thanks MG for your generosity.

Look for MG’s articles right here on The Daily Lily and new ones coming in 2013.

16 thoughts on “Chef MG

  1. MG, thank you for making a special trip to my house today to deliver generous portions of the above dishes packed with loving care and attention. Your kindness is so appreciated and the food all so lovely.

  2. Oh my I wish I was there – Baked Ziti. It is to die for. I guess if one wants the recipe they have to fly MG to them because she had a gift for making it and no one can make it like her. Key Lime pie yum! Sounds like a menu for a king or queen or as she told me an angel was coming over. Great job MG! Can you mail Ziti?

    1. Rena, it was. She gave me a doggie bag for Gary. Of course I told him I made it and of course he did not believe me. But, you should get that key lima pie recipe with coconut you would love it!

  3. MG made this for my son Chris and his fraternity brothers when he was in college. He has never, ever forgotten. He always gets to try each one she makes and he has never been disappointed. He likes no other than MG’s.

  4. O, and as wonderful as the food was and beautiful as the appointment and setting of MG’s home nothing was quite as splendid as the study together of God’s Word. We enjoyed sharing our devotions of 2012 from “Jesus Calling” Sarah Young. And, the expansion of scriptures that takes you on an amazing journey.

    I have so enjoyed having our daily devotion all from the same book, the same day and keeping on schedule so we could share here, over coffee, meals and other gatherings. It sure made for 2012 to be a very meaningful year. Thanks to all my partners that participated!

      1. It is my wish as I mature in the Lord Jesus Christ to serve others, especially my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

        Oh, how I fought that special gift the Lord had bestowed upon me…to prepare splendid repasts delightful to the eye and fragrant with goodness!! But under the watchful eye of our prophetic leader and encouraged by my friends, I now delight in presenting others with good food and with holy fellowship surrounding our good times.

        So having put that doubt and unbelief behind me and straining for the prize of the high calling of God…that is ….my being trained up as a child of God in the way that I should go and when older not departing from that anointed bent and course He has prepared for me before the beginning of time…now is my delight in hospitality; in koininia .

        What a blessing to bless others in this way!! Thank You, Lord Jesus. He has blessed the work of my hands and I thank Him and my teachers for their relentless pursuit of raising me up in this calling.

    1. Absolutely. My family has a host of great cooks, including a few men in the family. I was a little less traditional than my mom and tried new ways to prepare something or according to what I had…although, Sister Grandma could turn a few items into gourmet dishes. Swiss chard; white beans; corn meal. All kinds of food items. Oh! So i guess i am NOT so ‘un-traditional”. Hmmmm
      Thanks for all the kudos, folks. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

      1. BTW The new look for the new year of a glorious Lily, representing the Lily of the Valley and the bright Morning Star is excellent. Thanks to the webmaster and the engineer for a breathtaking surprise on TDL!

  5. MG, I had the pleasure of enjoying your wonderful baked ziti a few years back. I believe you fixed some for us when Chickenfarmer, her boys, my boys, and myself came to visit. It was delightful! 🙂

    1. Coconut Key Lime Pie.

      1 can sweetened condensed milk
      1 can coconut milk [13.5 oz]
      1/3 cup Key lime juice (or reg. limes or bottled) I used the Key limes
      7 large egg yolks
      Mix together and pour into prepared pie crust. (I made my own crust)

      MG’s Pie crust:
      Unspecified number coconut macaroons like 12-15 or more small macaroons crumbled
      Mix with Philadelphia soft cream cheese
      Soft butter
      Mix all together and press into pie plate.
      Pour Key Lime Mixture into coconut pie crust
      Bake @ 325 for about 40-45 minutes
      Will be wobbly in the middle
      Let cool for 2 hours on a wire rack
      Refrigerate and serve with Whipped cream

      Enjoy the sparkling taste of the lime!!!

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