9 thoughts on “Love Day to ALL!

  1. A Valentine to Jesus, Oh happy day of love!
    For You’re the One Who thought of it, in the Father’s house above
    You looked across this global stretch, suspended precariously in space
    And Your heart and soul reached out to me
    And You came and took my place
    Your heart You hung upon a tree
    A VALENTINE for all the world to see
    And never again would there ever be
    Should I search throughout eternity
    For a Valentine that could set me free
    Like the One the Father sent to me
    So A Valentine to Jesus, Oh happy day of love!

  2. Happy Valentine Day to Christians around the world! “A new command. I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” john 13:34-35 (NIV)

  3. A Rose knows Love! They speak their language, show, anoint the nostrils with fragrance and give a gift to all that views as they stroll by. They make creative artist out of all that tend their needs. They linger in the home when their last leaf is dry giving potpourri makers the joy of life. Perfumes for the lovers, rose water and oil for my natural meds. Artist of the best seem to nest down in their heads.

    SOS, speaks from depth, “I AM the Rose”….Whoa I love my prayers of rose for those that I love!

  4. Your rose prayers are beautiful, Sara.
    For those that ‘tend their needs’ I would like to share some info that others have shared with me that may be helpful. If you have ever received a lovely cut rose or bouquet and notice that one or more of the ‘heads’ droop, don’t despair and throw it out. Usually it is a just an air bubble that gets stuck up near the petals so water can’t pass into the head. Remove the rose from the vase, gently pierce the caylx (the swollen green part of the stem right below the petals) with a pin. Recut the bottom of the stem at an angle. Now submerge the entire rose (stem and all) horizontally in a sink or pan of warm water for about 1 hr. Most times the water will enter the rose where you pricked the calyx and fill the rose with water again so the head stands straight. Your beautiful rose will gladly reward you with days more enjoyment.

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