DSCN0450(a Valentine gift from my son 2013)

“Sarah Parsons (Bio) recently completed a master’s degree at the University of Tennessee College of Social Work and intends to become a psychotherapist. She holds a BA in Religious Studies from Yale University and a master of divinity degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School.”

Impressive, don’t you think? I do! I love the words she shared recently in one of my devotions:

“Lent…The goal is to make a change that sinks deeply into life, drawing us closer to self, others, and God. Lent is about intentionally opening ourselves, preparing to receive God’s goodness.”

I paused to reflect early this Saturday in the dark and cold of the morn and thought about Sarah’s words I shared above. I know little about Lent. But, I desire to know more about “drawing closer to self, others and God.”

I thought about my two last posts here. First,  writing mine… and then asking others to tell their story of ‘what they wanted to be when they grew up.’ Secondly, share and give a yell out to someone(s) a written line of Valentine Love.

I had to struggle a little, sure not thinking of lent, just a struggle to express something! I was asked by a stranger on another website to tell my story.  I had to share story to myself and then to others and if and when I did I knew deep within it would draw me closer to God and give me a deeper recognition of Him. My story might show that I could be a little angry with Him, and that being God. Or, I might find He was even greater than my finite mind thought since I had to open my heart to acknowledge Him.

I overcame my struggles and wrote my little simple words and I have been in awe from responses of those I know and those I know not.  And, so amazing how goodness and mercy surely have followed my words.  I am in awe of a stranger, Sarah Parsons, whom I have never read to my remembrance had a line just for me on this cold and dim Saturday AM!

Hope you will find the blogs below and write your story and show your love. It’s never too late in the seasons of life to live out a lent of giving up a little of the old self (maybe shelf)  life for the divine!