What did you want to be when you grew up? Or when you grow up?

 I wanted each child to have enough bread to eat, beautiful dress and bonnet to wear. And, yes, a perfect match of purse and shoes. The color and match suited for each child and not what another thought might be right for them. I would dress the little goats and lambs alike. (Literally the animal) I was shy@times so my voice could not express my heart. So off to the little Creswell stores to convince the owners to charge to my Mom’s account enough food and other to feed and clothe a hungry child. I would take my Mom’s crochet, and colorful fabric she needed for her own child and turn them into wraps that were weird, to say the least, but thrilled many a child. I have been able to continue my joy of being a grown up dressing and feeding the hungry child. I’ve travelled to Nations and given from my heart hoping to develop a gift of another’s heart. Yet, little it seems in the light of the needs. But, I won’t lose heart of wanting each child to be feed and clothe in beauty and loved regardless of _____? I believe your poetry, your art, your song, story and other’s gifts coupled with love continues to make a road for others to travel and reach their destinies and goals.Maybe I’m just a dreamer!

32 thoughts on “What did you want to be when you grew up? Or when you grow up?

  1. My husband read aloud Psalm 21 on Sunday and the words of King David gave my thoughts a dancing motion. In the first verses, David expounded on his understanding of just what God had done for him, his family and his Nation. David, long-life, crown of finest gold, splendor and majesty, eternal blessings with joy. And, David followed-up with what God would do would those that oppose the rights God had given him! And, the follow-up put a a little fear in my dance and it turned into a two step and not a Jitterbug.

    My footnotes say, “We, too, should look upon all we have__position, family, wealth, talent___as gifts from God. Only then will we use them to give glory back to Him.” LA study Bible…

    I went to lunch and forgot all this!!!!!!! Then a FB friend invited me, called me by full name, to share on their page just what I had wanted to be when I grew up? Like a child, like now, I was flustering all over the place. The voices were ringing from a child and from the new page, “a doctor, lawyer, artist, writer, Mom, store owner, etc. etc.” I felt ashamed. I could only remember; “I wanted to feed the poor. I wanted no child to go hungry.” Then I remember my husband’s voice as he read the words of David and I found the courage to take a try and express my story of truth.

    I am excited to hear others share their story here on The Daily Lily. I hope you will share; “what you wanted to be when you grew up,” and invite others to share. I felt privileged to be invited to share on another’s site and I feel privilege to hear your stories as you share here.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Sara. “I wanted to feed the poor. I wanted no child to go hungry.” Reading this reminds me of the scripture where God says: unless you become like a child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

      1. Love the scripture reference Tammy. Become like a child…what a goal! Wonder how many of us thought to make this a goal for 2013?

      2. Another thought with scripture comes to my mind in thinking on the scripture you have given above Tammy is; “… a little child will lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

  2. As an elementary age child, some best memory highlights of what I loved doing were: designing the rooms that my dolls lived in (I didn’t care much about their clothes); use tools to build things with my metal ‘erector set’; help my dad build fences; draw/paint; play school with my best friend on Friday night sleepovers (I always wanted to be the teacher); dig and plant flowers in my mother’s garden until dark; hand carve miniature roads and tunnels in the dirt under a big maple tree; dig and uncover new little potatoes in my grandmother’s vegetable garden; help write and sing a song with my cousins, advertising my parents’ new saddlery business; build rock homes for turtles in the mountain creek; clear little trails and ‘make’ little horse jumps in the woods for pretend horses (me and friends); ride pony or horse; make crafts as gifts for others.

    By the eighth grade I had somehow settled the fact that I would be an architect (maybe because my parents were going to build a new house and I wanted to be in on the design) and never veered from that goal until sophomore year in architecture school when I heard the Lord distinctly ‘tell’ me to switch out of architecture and into Agriculture/’Horticulture’(that’s another story).

    Years and years later I am living out most of these ‘best memory highlights’. They have just taken on a different form. Now as a part-time landscape designer and horticulture consultant, I design outdoor landscape rooms for ‘grown dolls’ to live in; use power tools for landscape work; help build a fence occasionally; draw and paint (2 children’s books so far); teach school (agriculture/horticulture); dig in flower gardens (usually other peoples’) and make floral designs; carve edging ‘roads’ around landscape beds; grow vegetables in a greenhouse and sometimes get to dig a potato; sing and write songs (I have a CD, “Gardening Therapy’); build with rocks for small walls and waterfalls; occasionally clear brush in woody places; walk and work with my dogs now instead of horses; love to make and give.

    My heart desire is to see and appreciate these as gifts and talents from God and to use them in a useful way in my local church and the body of Christ.

    1. Debi, nice story. I’m so happy for you that you have been able to live your dream. I have heard it said often; “We all need to know our identity as the children of God and be assured of God’s love for us.” Reading that you are now a school teacher with a job in teaching young men and women seems like the perfect opportunity to instill ‘the growing up story’ (identiy) and the love story with those that you teach so they, too, can walk out their destiny. Sally Dyck writes; “Imagine if we treated every child as a child of God. Could it make the difference in the way in which a child views himself? Could it remind each child of the best within herself (himself) rather than the worst?”

    2. Thanks for your story, Debi! Knowing this about you, and then reading it in black and white sure puts a clear picture of just how talented you are. Thanks for sharing your talents/gifts with others and blessing so many people.

  3. http://5kidswdisabilities.com/about/….you can also click on the Linda’s page from the like list above. Read her story and think on her book…..I believe your heart will be warmed. A growing up story it is….
    ‘Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog
    My name is Linda Petersen and I am the proud mother of five wonderful, very interesting children. They also happen to have disabilities, but these have not been overwhelming obstacles, but adventures along the path of life. These adventures are chronicled in a book entitled The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane. If you like the description of our lives that follow, you will love the book!”

  4. I have a book tucked away that has my report cards from elementary school and upper grades. In this book, there are questions that I answered; in pencil, as a young child. One of the very questions it asks is what do I want to be when I grow up? Interesting, I had written ” a teacher or a nurse”, years ago. Today, I am a nurse, and I give God all the glory, for allowing me the opportunity to care for others.

    1. Tammy, I’m so glad you still hav your report cards. Now that’s neat. You are a teacher as well. You have the high honor of teaching your children as a Mother. Also, the teaching you impart to others on their spiritual journey. A dual career you have. Love your story.

      1. Tammy, that anointing on you for a nursing career fell upon you from the beginning of time and you are fulfilling your destiny as God’s nurse and caring minister to the sick. Praise God that He knows us from beginning to the end. You are blessed as are your fellows with whom you labor in the medical field. And we are blessed to have concerned care-givers like you. God Bless a hundred fold.

  5. What a great story Tammy! And the fact that you were keeping records that years later affirm who you are and how God led you, I think also reflects an ability that a good nurse must have…making/keeping good records.

  6. When I was little I lived on a farm. I would go out into the fields when they harvested finding the baby birds that had fallen out of their nest into the stubble and tried desperately to feed them with an eye dropper. I also fed the animals and tried to pretend I was a nurse to the cats – poor things – trying to give them shots with straw and feed them to make them healthy. My sister and I set up a pretend grocery store in the gargage like attachment to the barn using my mother’s throw away cans. We were very organized and pretended to feed others.

    Later my dad moved us to a hatchery and my sister and I tried to rescue baby chicks who were sick from barrels.
    Again the eye droppers came out as we tried to feed the sick chicks. We also gathered eggs from layers and
    had to clean the dirty eggs. Being in a semi dirt basement we tended to throw the really, really dirty ones into the crawl space until my Dad questions why we suddenly had so many snakes. We also checked each egg by holding it up to the light so see if it were ok with no black spots.

    My sister went away from home later and used her organization skills in the secretarial management, making sure everyone including herself was doing the very best job possible. I went into education and worked with all types of children to see if they could tell their stories to the best of their ability and to learn the material in away that they could grasp it. I wanted them to achieve using the method that best fit them. Although retired I still tutor and work with children. I JUST LOVE IT!

    1. I forgot to add that I worked in the vegetable garden and in the English flower garden growing up. I learned
      a lot from my Dad and Mom how to plant and can. Dad also made us clean the clutter away from woods to make everything look better and grow better.

      1. WHOA, Rena, quite a story! I wish I could see the little face of a darling city child when you tell them your story. Or, even a farmer’s child with all this new modern farming equipment. Like you cutting your grass on a brand new John Deere tractor! 🙂

        Our stories gathering here makes me want to turn this into a little book so people that refuse to write theirs on here may secretly write it in the back of our little pamphlet. Writing and reading ‘story’ seems to have a cathartic effect for me.

        We have a little song from scripture we sing and Debi can play and sing on her guitar which makes me see Jesus in each face as they write and share their story here: Let me sing it for you….

        This one and that one….. ” Singers and dancers alike say, “All my springs are in you.” Ps. 87:7 ESV

        Hey, Debi, can you finish it for me? 🙂 You sure sing better than me. But, you couldn’t love it better than me.

    2. Rena, I remember when Chickenfarmer, myself, and our boys visited the Virginia area, some years ago. You told our boys Bible stories. It was so interesting to see how the boys responded to you. How wonderful that you are still working with children and loving it. 🙂

      1. Hi Tammy,
        Oh I remember so well. I loved the time of telling one story after another. Her is a song you and others out their may love. I heard it at my BSF meeting today. So beautiful! The stories were nothing but the ancient word. Song title: Ancient Words by Michael Smith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouTgX9hcwk4 Be Blessed!

  7. Rena, would you ask my sister that lives there; Lillian, to write her story here. If she want to email it to me….I can help her. Would love for her to share……

    1. I was born in Belize when the country was under the British rule and was
      formerly known as British Honduras. I lived in a very little town called Stan Creek.
      My family was a his, hers, and theirs family. There were eleven children and my mom
      was the sole disciplinarian of our family. My grandfather was a Methodist minister.
      We went to church and Sunday School every Sunday without fail. When I was very young
      a Revival was held in a tent on the beach. The minister who spoke was very powerful and moving
      in the spirit of the Lord. When he gave the altar call, I went down. I can’t remember if my family
      went with me or not. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.

      The thing I remember most was attending HARVEST at a Methodist Church. I had a basket
      filled with all kinds fruits, vegetables, and homemade pastries and bread. My mom stuff
      the basket full to overflowing. I would go down the church aisle and place the basket on the

      My momma and daddy were very loving. They wanted the best education for their
      children as they only had a second grade education. They educated themselves and where
      able to come to America for their permanent residence and children’s education.

      I was baptized when I was 16 in the Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. As a teenager sitting in
      church and growing up poor I went to church one Sunday and heard two women talking about
      a women who had worn the same dress twice and they were appalled. I knew that I did not have
      a closet full of dresses. I was so shocked by their comment about the women I determined I would
      not go to church again if these were Christian women. I loved Christ just not the attitude of the
      women I had heard. I regret that I did not raise my children in the church to absorb the
      teachings of Jesus. My mother-in-law was always putting little notes with scripture
      verses when she came to visit or sent a note to any of us. Her comment to us was that you all
      have to come to heaven, because I want to see you there.

      When my husband who was quite a writer was about to die he told me to write this down, “Happy birthday, Satan. Eat of your cake with the knowledge that it will lead to your demise. Then step aside for those of us who will enjoy it. I saw Satan, I did not see God. HE is TOO big.”

      1. O, My Dear new friend, Lillian, you have touched another cord in my heart. Thank you for sharing your heart in story. A beautiful story you have. I must say we have found many cords of harmony in our lives and I see another one. I was Methodist until my Father died ( I was 10) and then my Mother started taking us to the Baptist Church. I grew up in a small town as well. I love how God connects heart to heart.

        I like how you have written your story and hope to see you here often. When women share their lives with one another strength ensues. I see in your story your Mother-in-law knew the value of writing. Maybe she didn’t have the latest computer but she got her message out to those she loved. And, those she loved has computer and worldwide internet and can continue sending notes. And, that is you!

        Whoa, your husband’s thoughts upon his dying will give us food for thought. Would love to hear more of his story as well.

        God Bless you, my dear new friend. See you here soon!

      2. LVH, I LOVE your story. How like God in command of His little LV all the days of her lovely life. Thank you for sharing the incidents that led you to Jesus. Tell us some more stories. 🙂

      3. Dear Storyteller, Lillian, my husband, Gary, and myself enjoyed your story as part of our Monday Morning Devotion along with our ‘Upper Room’ Methodist Devotion….My husband was very touched by your heart story as he, like I, could relate so well to your growing up.

        We are waiting to hear your beloved husband’s story. And, hope you will continue your storytelling as part of The Harvest Table that so many want to be invited to.

        From our devotion this am: Scripture reference used… [See Luke 7:36-50.]
        “What if our national “table” was marked by that same radical inclusivity? When will we welcome those of our national family who have been excluded? What if we extended Jesus’ warm welcome to others—toward immigrants, hard-working poor families, single parents struggling to do the work of two, or young people who’ve gotten off track?

        What if we stand up for these people the way Jesus did? … What might we learn from those we usually exclude?”

        – Disciplines 2010

  8. Sara, here’s the song you love (I do know…the best)

    City, O City, O City of God

    “City, O City, O City of God,
    Glorious things are spoken of you.
    City, O City, O City of God,
    Glorious things are spoken of you.
    Such glorious things are spoken of you,
    City, O City, O City of God,
    Glorious things are spoken of you.

    This one and that one were born in her,
    All my springs of joy are in You.
    This one and that one were born in her,
    All my springs of joy are in You.
    Yes, all my springs of joy are in You,
    This one and that one were born in her,
    All my springs of joy are in You.

    Singers and dancers together say,
    All our springs of joy are in You.
    Singers and dancers together say,
    All our springs of joy are in You.
    Yes, all our springs of joy are in You.
    Singers and dancers together say,
    All our springs of joy are in You.”

  9. Lillian, I so enjoyed and appreciate reading your story and those memorable accounts! Thank you for writing and I hope you visit and write often on The Daily Lily.

    1. Dearest Lillian,

      You have such a love for others which the Lord Jesus had for each of us. What a representative of
      Jesus you are to your family and all those who are around you. I was so blessed that God put you in my
      path as I was walking and talking to HIM. He even had you have the name of two I remembered in Virginia – Shadow and Lily (beautiful sensitive collies who read your heart – crying with you and consoling you). I could never forget the names. I thank God for his LOVE of uniting Christian Friends here on thedailylily and everywhere we go. I thank God for CHRISTIAN FRIENDSHIPS. I wonder if God and Jesus were side by side that day, saying wait and see the joy among these two ladies and the other friends I’m weaving together for this time. Thank you GOD.

      1. To all my christian friends here on The Daily Lily: May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. Thank you for your gracious comments on my story. I have so much to talk about, but I’m afraid I can get too long winded. Rena, you have been a great friend and I thank God for putting us on the lakefront so we could meet. I hope for the opportunity to meet you one day, Sara.

  10. I heard third hand as the saying goes, that a beautiful spiritual lady commented to their friend, ” they have never seen such love among a group as they see here on the lily. “I would be remiss in showing love if I did not take a brief moment and let my fingers speak what my ears heard. The ear of the heart reacts with love, faith and hope. We might feel, see, smell and taste our signature enigma as being the taffy pull. “Trumpeting Faith, Giving Hope, Serving Others with Love”. Thank you, taffy maker, the giver of praise, and the sugar of the pull while it takes its form right here as it burns my one finger from my iPad.

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