I wanted each child to have enough bread to eat, beautiful dress and bonnet to wear. And, yes, a perfect match of purse and shoes. The color and match suited for each child and not what another thought might be right for them. I would dress the little goats and lambs alike. (Literally the animal) I was shy@times so my voice could not express my heart. So off to the little Creswell stores to convince the owners to charge to my Mom’s account enough food and other to feed and clothe a hungry child. I would take my Mom’s crochet, and colorful fabric she needed for her own child and turn them into wraps that were weird, to say the least, but thrilled many a child. I have been able to continue my joy of being a grown up dressing and feeding the hungry child. I’ve travelled to Nations and given from my heart hoping to develop a gift of another’s heart. Yet, little it seems in the light of the needs. But, I won’t lose heart of wanting each child to be feed and clothe in beauty and loved regardless of _____? I believe your poetry, your art, your song, story and other’s gifts coupled with love continues to make a road for others to travel and reach their destinies and goals.Maybe I’m just a dreamer!