My, son Christopher recently sent me this article by David Burns:

By David B. Burns
“Isidor I. Rabi, the 1944 Nobel Prize winner in physics was once asked, ”Why did you become a 
scientist, rather than a doctor or lawyer, like the other kids in your neighborhood?”
”My mother made me a scientist.  Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child 
after school: ‘So? Did you learn anything today?’ Not my mother. She always asked me a 
different question. ‘Izzy,’ she would say, ‘did you ask a good question today?’ That difference 
made me a scientist.”
Isidor Rabi wasn’t just any scientist.  He was in the top one-percent.  In addition to his Nobel 
Prize, his work contributed to the invention of radar, the atomic bomb, the laser and the atomic 
clock. His excellence stemmed from asking good questions.  And he is not alone in 
understanding that success is driven by asking good questions.”
It’s never too late to ask the right questions? Whoa, when we hold those little ones so close and drive them back and forth to school, church, sports, music or vacation what are we asking? How have their lives answered us?

What’s on my mind today? As we look down the highway what will we see when we turn the curves of life each and everyday? Will I see an Engineer? A Statesman? Or, will I see my questions were in gear just to please me?