By Rena Oynes:

My friend, Dale loaned me this book and with the booming thunder, and flashing lighting, and pouring rain I opened it up.  What a delightful book about quilting and friends.  I’m about half way through and couldn’t help but to read the last chapter which I always enjoy doing.   I thought you might like this direct quote from the author Marie Bostwick Skinner on page 327-328.  “Quilts are made of broken lines, just like life.  Over and over again, we try to walk a straight path but run into dead ends, sharp corners, and uneven ground that cut us off and forces us to change direction.  Sometimes it’s painful, other times joyful.  But it isn’t until you take a moment to stand still, step off the line, and back away that you finally see the truth.  Those unexpected turns and startling about-faces, the path?  It wasn’t chaotic at all.  When you step back to see where you’ve been, you discover the shape, the reason, the intricately beautiful pattern and vivid colors of a life stitched together from what, at one point, had seemed nothing more than mismatched scraps and broken lines.  Stepping back, you see there has been a design all along, and a designer.

At that moment, standing in a shaft of late-day sunlight that bounced beams of light off the sparkling windowpanes, and made the paint on the door glow a brighter shade of red.  I was happy.  I turned around and looked up into the sky. “Thanks,” I said, “For all of it.”
 I wouldn’t always be happy; I knew that.  Things would change whether I wanted them to or not.  My line would be broken again and again.  But now my line intersected with others.  I had companions for the journey, and whatever we faced in the future, we would face together, each a part of a bigger design, bound by a single -thread.”
ImageMary, Dale and me