As I moved today through a long drive thru line at Chick-Fil-A and having just ordered large thinking the snow might block me in for days; I heard a young man say, “the lady before you paid your bill.” Whoa, humbling and I cried. I’ve heard of this but to emotionally feel the joy of heart and hand touched me in a special way. I had just worked with my friend, Debi, packaging and sending via Fedex- fresh fruit and other to another state where someone is struggling with chemo and seemed to be growing weary. I had them in my heart and prayers wishing healing and cure for cancer would be today. The emotion was hurting me deep when the good deed gave me relief. I sure wish I could of said, thank you, but she drove away. So thank you to all that touched another today.

Did you notice the  graces that were woven through your day today?