7 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. I am absolutely startled and touched by this pic of these two beautiful people! These are two lovely people, whose way of living changed radically before my eyes, transformed in their way of life, witnessed to me and prayed for me and told me over and over about the love of Jesus Christ
    I will be forever grateful to my beautiful mother Anna and my brother Pastor Alex for caring about me enough to lead me into the Kingdom of the living God.
    Thank you, Sara, for bringing to my remembrance the love of family and the greater glory of being family IN THE FAMILY OF GOD.

      1. Thanks, Tammy. I will always be grateful for that. God had a plan for me and He used my family to lead me into the Kingdom of GOD. I believe the Bible encourages that. “Teach the Lord to your children…lead them in the way that they should go and when they are OLD they shall not depart from the faith.”

  2. It’s nice to remember our family and friends as we celebrate holidays. I like to hear memory moments family and friends give us as a reminder to make some and leave along our way. Anna lived earth life until the age of 99.

    Gary and I remember a special Christmas gift she would send from Florida to N. Va to the men of our church, potato rolls! They loved them. Haven’t seen many since.

  3. Aha! I get the hint. I do remember Sis Grandma [now ANNA in Heaven] reminding me that those churchmen loved Potato rolls. Heart-warming.

  4. One good memory I have of Mg’s mother, Anna, was her love of African violets. Mg always told me she had a green thumb with them and they were always in bloom. The song below that I wrote and sang on my CD, Gardening Therapy, was in fond memory of Anna. I would like to share the words below.

    Violets Are Forever

    Violets are forever, forever true.
    Violets are forever, faithful like you.

    Regenerating. Free for the taking.
    They’re happy to share themselves with you.

    Violets are forever, enduring the years with grace.
    Violets are forever. Colors abound in their face.

    Don’t move them around. They’re happy to stay
    In the same spot day by day.

    Violets are forever. Treat them with care and love.
    Violets are forever, water below not above.

    They’ll give you their best, if you give them a rest
    Once in a while for that is their style.

    Violets are forever, faithful and true.
    Violets are forever for me and you.

    Beloved by all, both great and small.
    They brighten our lives in so many ways.

    Violets are forever, forever true.
    Violets are forever, faithful like you.
    Violets are forever.

    Anna, you’re forever!!

  5. Yes, thank you Debi for the wonderful memory of my beautiful mom, forever inscribed in one of your many beautiful songs…”Violets Are Forever”

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