“A Circle of Quiet Memorial Garden”

How blessed the man you train, God,
the woman you instruct in your Word,
Providing a circle of quiet within the clamor of evil,
while a jail is being built for the wicked.
God will never walk away from his people,
never desert his precious people.
Rest assured that justice is on its way
and every good heart put right.
” Psalm 94: 12:15 MSG




Our meditative Memorial walking Garden, “A Circle of Quiet” is underway. Debi has planted nine new fruit trees and berry bushes as well as painting of stones and many other garden cultures to delight the soul. MG has added some lights, benches and other restful visual joys. Rena has been busy on her wood paintings to add the gospel to be read as one meanders the walkways. Tammy has made a trip to check and make sure the trees were fully watered.

Thanks to ALL for being part of “A Circle of Quiet.” MG saw this scripture (Psalm 94, A Circle of Quiet) in her devotional this week. Tammy found a vase of sunflowers in a hospital waiting room and stopped to photo and share with me the same time Rena was sending her art. There are many other connections of confirmations happening daily. Keep your ears and eyes attuned to the Holy Spirit and His healing as we join our hands and hearts to publish the good news. Isaiah 55:10-12 NIV

6 thoughts on ““A Circle of Quiet Memorial Garden”

  1. Love the encouraging scriptures, hearing about all the various input that connects and seeing the pictures of the lovely wood paintings. What an inspirational walk I was able to take on TheDailyLily. Thank you Sara for being His life blood and connective tissue that inspired and made “A Circle of Quiet Memorial Garden” for many to be touched by.

    1. The whole of “The Circle of Quiet” sure puts a steroid effect in the once leaded feet that now wants to dance, skip, run and sing praises to His Name! Such love!

  2. It is so amazing to me how God uses so many people with so many talents to do a work that is so HIM, God Almighty showing mercy drops to whomever walks or drives by, saying “Come follow me.” “Sit awhile while I show you how much I care.”

    1. Amazing it is! Only God sees the heart of each one and knows their passion and His passion. He connects passion to passion and connected passions makes a smooth lighted path so that seekers can find their way to the manger, cross, grave and eternal living. Of, just imagine being the light that burns so bright because the intensity increased as networking made a complete circle! And, we are told that circle will not be broken.

      1. Blessed are those whom the Master finds working the fields [and the gardens ] those whom He has put in charge of His properties, when HE returns. Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all His possessions. [Matthew 24:45-7]
        The Lord God Knows the gifts He has bestowed on His sons & daughters…the talents and skills to be used to work the works of God and to bring men into the Kingdom and glory to God.
        He also knows well, the heart of His overseers and shepherds. He instructs by His Spirit His teachers & prophets how to assemble all these ”tools”, drawing on each one’s ability as it has been given by the Spirit and drawing them into the Circle of Living and the Circle of Quiet. Just as they constructed the Temple of God so that not a chisel or a hammer would be heard upon the Mount of the Lord so the Circle of Quiet has been ”drawn together” as with a feather quill and down of goslings.
        Quiet…..meditative….inspiring… Sh-h-h. Man is quiet. The Still Small Voice speaks.

  3. Seeing and reading all this reminds me of some of my grandmother’s words when we would talk about nature, etc. “It’s the handy work of the Lord.” She always gave God the praise.

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