The Circle of Quiet Memorial Garden Part II

As we continue to plan and organize and follow the leading of The Holy Spirit we are just so touched by the artisans that continue to show God’s Glory in the earth through their hands and deeds. We are so grateful to Mr. Larry, our caretaker that has painted some of our benches that was in much need. Also, just one of the slates that make up family trees painted by Debi.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

5 thoughts on “The Circle of Quiet Memorial Garden Part II

  1. There are chimes, flags, birds, frogs, turtles and other amazing things. One wonders why a walk in the country on land of little $ value. Not a city thing at all to do. But, the sky with stars and moon along with the sun seem to hug the earth. Nature seems to have a symphony of its own. A swing, a book with a glass of southern tea joins a soul with spirit and life seems to show a meaning one just might have missed in the hustle and bustle of city lights as charming as they are.

    1. This is a godly work. I sense the Lord is pleased with the intentions of the hearts that are doing this holy assignment. And perhaps we may see the souls of these immortalized, one day, in Heaven

  2. The Lord loves memorials that celebrate His creation. “The upright shall be in everlasting remembrance.” ___Ps. 112:6

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